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@Angle Familiar with the bloodier side of the industrial revolution at all? e.g. organized coal miners being wiped out by Pinkertons et al; strikebusting including federal involvement; and more recently the MOVE bombing? The arson of Black Wall Street? And given the findings of the Church Commission back in the day one has to wonder what was really going on those times the FBI exterminated a group of domestic "extremists" who seemed peaceful

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Ok but seriously, like or boost if sluttysocialclub.online sounds like a good place for your permanent masto alter ego

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To the people I'm newly following today: I'm feeling hopeful and prosocial and humble today, but I apologize in advance for when my brain diseases eat away all my sensibilities and I fill your stream with my future regrets

You know it's true love when it loses all its tabs and layout customizations after a normal exit, but you only blame yourself for bringing questionable extensions into the relationship.

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There is definitely a disease that causes people to make life decisions based on word play, and I have it Show more

There is definitely a disease that causes people to make life decisions based on word play, and I have it Show more

I installed a newsfeed reader and I think it gave me empowerment paralysis.

Liking Palemoon just fine so far. And the extensions page has one or two items that speak to the not-corporate nature of the project.

KDE on Win8 Show more

KDE on Win8 Show more

I'm gonna briefly allow myself to believe that I might actually fully switch to Konqueror as my web browser on Windows. Now installing...

Gotta love it when the WHOIS reminder emails are the only time you remember buying those domains that manic night.

Next week on Extra History, the land where land invasions go to die, meets the invading army on horseback that never loses.

If anyone is left to give this advanced human society an honest epitaph as we complete this fade back into the dark ages, it'll say, "They shouldn't have made everything bullshit."

How the fuck do people even play this game? I can't even get past the goddamned tutorials and I've been trying for, GAH!!!! it feels like a year!!!!

Yet another beautiful freeform space game that I can't understand any of the design decisions behind

As usual the gaming market makes me want to scream WHY CAN'T ANY OF THE THINGS BE FOR ME

Time to play the tutorials of Elite Dangerous again. That's as far as I've gotten.

@thegibson Aw shit, you spilled irony all over it.

I wonder if social media has now become fully entangled in our minds with a perceived right to wage thought-control campaigns against each other. Because as prices of entry go, I'd rather just pay $1/mo than have everyone think they're the victim every time someone doesn't obey them.