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I want to extract the good parts of romantic love from this world drenched in ephemeral relationships

She may want my body, she may not, but every time she keeps texting after saying good night, i smile

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@Angle Familiar with the bloodier side of the industrial revolution at all? e.g. organized coal miners being wiped out by Pinkertons et al; strikebusting including federal involvement; and more recently the MOVE bombing? The arson of Black Wall Street? And given the findings of the Church Commission back in the day one has to wonder what was really going on those times the FBI exterminated a group of domestic "extremists" who seemed peaceful

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Ok but seriously, like or boost if sluttysocialclub.online sounds like a good place for your permanent masto alter ego

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To the people I'm newly following today: I'm feeling hopeful and prosocial and humble today, but I apologize in advance for when my brain diseases eat away all my sensibilities and I fill your stream with my future regrets

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All I want for is to use a pickaxe like a golf driver with which to impale god by the taint

Black Panther: autopsy for a message that tripped and killed itself Show more

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Black Panther/Phase 3/trailers wot spoil Show more

Black Panther: can someone please make full-scene CGI look better before someone uses this much of it again? Show more

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How short a memory span must one have to believe CNN when it says it "did not, and does not, script any questions for town hall meetings, ever"?


Linking to third party sites and embedding tweets is legally bad for your cholesterol again or whatever


@Mr_Lee Sundog (I presume), you frequently make me smile, and sometimes laugh.

Avengers 3 villain review: Hela conquered Asgard and kicked Thor and Loki's ass in the trailer for Ragnarok. Remind me to do a count later of how many vaginas Thanos has for a chin.

Not that it's a bad library

Why can't i get my pics right side up, lol

Wait, Facebook is literally pushing a VPN solution that claims to "protect" you?

A VPN that sends all your traffic through facebook's servers

How dumb do they thin... 33 million installs... Okay they might be right about how dumb people are

Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections "For Their Own Good" https://quitter.im/url/926510

Also slightly failing to not be depressed on a beautiful day.

Status: 76 cents to my name, and 4 days without a place to stay next week. First half of March is covered plus probably more. Contributions welcome. Looks like housing in late April/early May.

I just slept 8 hours, but now I'm bored and lonely, so I guess I'll make myself more depressed by going back to bed ...?