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ol' Kid Astro @astro

Did you think I was exaggerating when I said that about half the ads for rental homes in Seattle, discriminate against men? Because I wasn't. Here's another one:


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@astro Its like that in NY. Its because guys tend to have worse/more destructive habits than women. I say this only from my own experience with male vs female room mates and trying to find an apt rental with a male room mate several years ago.

@davidpgil Well there's physically destructive and then there's other kinds. I think when you take all kinds of destructiveness into account the picture shifts considerably. When you also take into account the fact that women do sneaky violence, men do upfront violence, it shifts more.

@astro I dont know if I agree with that. I'll just say that men are more likely to physically destroy the apartment through tinkering or accident. πŸ˜…


That's strange, back in my renting days, there was this very real perception among landlords that single men were better tenants. I had a female landlord tell me this, specifically, once.

The belief seemed to be that men were cleaner (!), and prone to less drama. I can't imagine either perception is accurate, but that's what I was told back then, by more than one landlord.

I wonder what changed?

I think you answered your own question when you expressed doubt because what you've been told by a majority of first-party stakeholders conflicts with the popularity of un-person-ing men.


I don't think I understand, but it seems mysterious, nonetheless.

We're all being force-fed an endless string of hate speech against men. It makes it hard for people to believe good things about men.


Well, I haven't noticed anything like that, but if you're looking for an apartment, I do wish you luck: it's never been easy, no matter what.

@astro So did you click the link at the bottom of the ad that literally begs you to "Please flag discriminatory housing ads" which leads you to craigslist.org/about/FHA ??????

@gme Yep...... (since we're using six punctuation marks for some reason)

@astro A question-mark is not a simple punctuation-mark, but half of an interro-bang.

@gme I posted a crapton of discriminatory ads in a row, have a field day

@astro I'm not going to report every discriminatory ad on craigslist. But the link is right there at the top. I'm sure other users on craigslist would be grateful if everyone reported discriminatory ads that they come across. It would make the site better for everyone.

@gme Yeah, that's true, whereas telling people things they already know and explicitly saying you're done helping, those are far less helpful

@astro I'm not simply because I don't use craigslist. Clicking the link in your toot was the first time I've clicked on a Craigslist ad in almost a decade. I stay away from - and avoid - craigslist like the plague. It's nothing but scammers and scams anyway.

@gme Despite all that and then some, I'm unaware of a better alternative.

@astro I honestly don't have any suggestions on that, I'm sorry. Maybe reddit.com/r/Seattle ? I'd trust Reddit recommendations over craigslist ads any day of the week.

@gme Lol. The only difference between Reddit people and Craigslist people is, at least Craigslist people are being awful because they need the money. Reddit people are awful just because it's trendy.