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Fact: Thermostats kill more people a year than god. Pick one: comfort or peace. This is the button that gives you what you want, but someone you don't know, dies:

:thinking_eggplant: Been a while since I shared some good old-fashioned Dick pics: Show more

Do you like essential oils?

Help me pay for a night or two indoors, by buying some essential oils! Most auctions are below retail:


Don't overdo the roboports on steam power, kids.

Tfw the perfectly mundane and predictable has you stunned speechless.

While I basically agree this is the correct "better" / "almost as good" relationship between these two games, I also feel like pricing the PC versions this way is just a twist of the knife, because the PC versions both suck, but 7 can be forced to resemble the Playstation version, while 4 for PC is all disappointments all the time

birdsite evil++'d Show more

Taking a break to eat and so forth. I'd say 2/3rds of Ben's face is coming along:

I stayed in a house with a bunch of strangers last night, and now I have a purple D.


Experimenting with the style and proportion ideas. Enjoying Pixly way more than this guy's enjoying whatever's on his mind.


First freestyling with went well enough despite drunk and double distracted, I've long since stopped wishing it was on android. Stylus helps a lot


Soon this will be called an "inverted meltup"

Quoting @zerohedge :
Not bitcoin quitter.im/attachment/882951