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Fact: Thermostats kill more people a year than god. Pick one: comfort or peace. This is the button that gives you what you want, but someone you don't know, dies:

@Ocean Try Slack circa 1999 as your first distro. Literally sent me crying to bed

Wait what happens to the madelines scene if you watch Serial Experiments: Lain whilst 100% under the assumption that it's a prediction of young trauma receptacles being plugged into a pure mainline feed as real-time witnesses of power and corruption, and the clash between those who respond by constructing a functionally insane but ultimately accurate grasp in a desire to make changes vs those who will just lay down/ bend over for whatever? Is her dad saying she's stuck with her dogmas now?

Tfw you are a month into quitting cigs (but still chugging weed) and finally bust out the green tea marathon to help really kick the detox in

and your nasal passages react like you're drowning because they want to let it all in like it was the second coming of the Fellowship

I predict a community-led masto-backups service with good security is about to splash down in the next week or three.

The paradox of productivity in 2018 is even if you're writing a quantum tech article whilst simultaneously dogwalking, podcasting your fourth Ph. D, & inventing the next revolutionary drudge-work-automating app (that will be consumed by a tech giant), you'll always be making not-enough per hour for a dignified existence.

No amount of neurohack pills, 180-hour crunches and AI assistants will ever free us, because neofeudal capitalism will consume all abundance.

The wheel must break.

If your identical twin got plastic surgery, it would be hard not to feel a little insulted #Showerthoughts

@fightmaxime No because I'm not a corporate brandwhore

This shit is like if half of every article about science was either a Doctor Who reference or working its way toward one

But what if I want to read political news but I don't GIVE any fucks about Game of Thrones? Is there a news outlet that remembers how we used to just actually say things instead of just name-dropping the GoT reference it reminds them of and expecting everyone to get it?

@vagnes Every day of my life has been this kind of I-told-you-so but of course people blame me for getting angry at the fact that their slow-ass fun-having petri dish of a lifestyle continually impacts me

@lain Cool emotional ablism, I'm sure there's no double standard to be found here

Sex discrimination is so common in Seattle's Craigslist housing ads that you can't even accidentally glance at the listings without seeing it:


PSA: It was time to stop saying "interventionism" and start saying "imperialism" about mmmm 120 years ago

It's always funny when people treat the characters in any anime other than Dragon Ball as if anyone knows who the fuck they are