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Black Panther: autopsy for a message that tripped and killed itself Show more

Black Panther: final verdict Show more

Black Panther: the good stuff Show more

Black Panther/Phase 3/trailers wot spoil Show more

Black Panther: can someone please make full-scene CGI look better before someone uses this much of it again? Show more

Black Panther: intentional flaws? Show more

How short a memory span must one have to believe CNN when it says it "did not, and does not, script any questions for town hall meetings, ever"?


Linking to third party sites and embedding tweets is legally bad for your cholesterol again or whatever


@Mr_Lee Sundog (I presume), you frequently make me smile, and sometimes laugh.

Avengers 3 villain review: Hela conquered Asgard and kicked Thor and Loki's ass in the trailer for Ragnarok. Remind me to do a count later of how many vaginas Thanos has for a chin.

We collab a few seed strokes, you run it, we collab between sessions? :D I'm thinking proto-Fifth-Element tech/architecture base starting point. But no flying cars. Tubes your smartcar can interface. Big 3D highways from hotspot to hotspot you drive on in a stylish hamster ball. Space industry incorporated in city planning. Power elite living vitally to 140.

Except zoom in on a blighted hood in that megacity, and its commercial fringe.

I want a legit go at projecting 2060. Mega cities, mega states, mega noir.

I've seen Dungeon Something Classic and meh, I've played a little Fate Accelerated and liked it but might need Core to be truly happy. Or I might need to misuse Savage Worlds. Or hear of something else :) Middle of road seems best, I like numbers for some things

Nobody wants to collab a living copylefted grimy updated cyberpunk setting with me :) I'll just be putting that out there

Not that it's a bad library

Why can't i get my pics right side up, lol