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In this time of global transformation and systemically fatal imperial hubris, it's the hero-posers who embarrass me the most

I wonder which cyberpunky catchphrase attached to which glitchy screenshot will save us all

Weather forecasting is not a real job

Someone please pay me enough money so everyone can depend on me to be full of shit just like them

Taking a break to eat and so forth. I'd say 2/3rds of Ben's face is coming along:

drawing characters for a project inspired by the missed opportunities of

@PhotonQyv Lol, note to self, don't whine or someone will boost it ;)

I wonder how long I have to stream on a saturday before even a single person shows up outside my friend circle (or anyone beyond the one person who has shown up previously for that matter)... let's find out. as long as it's not like "youtube all over again"

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I'll be showing some of the latest Neofeud II / Dysmaton material, doing some live dev, and featuring some new cyberpunk/synthwave artists Saturday 7 PM GMT! youtube.com/user/twiliteminota #cyberpunk #synthwave #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev #showoffhour mastodon.social/media/lX0B3MTS

Anyone know anyone with a nice double room to rent in London to me and my other half from mid March? Landlord has decided to sell the house we're in so we're panicking

It'd prolly take you <10mins to put your shoes on if you'd wear pants you could move around in. (Ok, I needed to say that.)

a story about an artist who is tortured by their muses, not through lack of communication but from a constant oversaturation of inspiration.

If fleeing from my greatest desire is a primary attribute I somehow rolled a natural 21

I want to extract the good parts of romantic love from this world drenched in ephemeral relationships

She may want my body, she may not, but every time she keeps texting after saying good night, i smile

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a federated database of excess resources individuals in a community have on hand and available to other members of the community with a search interface that only provides anonymized results with fuzzy location