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I love how third wave feminism has taken a population of smug, disconnected cunts and made them even more smug and disconnected.

"Someone on the internet is having thoughts that seems unlikely to me -- I shall hurl at them, as a class, multiple derogatory terms, and then somehow go back to thinking of myself as an adult!" @mairin

Apparently everyone has heard that this masto instance is friendly to crazy people.

We've got "I hunt people but the punchline is I call *them* crazy" gal, and we've got "talking about problems is wrong because it only makes more problems" guy

And don't even get me started on all the people who think they're sane

While I basically agree this is the correct "better" / "almost as good" relationship between these two games, I also feel like pricing the PC versions this way is just a twist of the knife, because the PC versions both suck, but 7 can be forced to resemble the Playstation version, while 4 for PC is all disappointments all the time

Dear #Mastodon #Fediverse, anyody has a Linux box in Belarus? We are informed that a certain website is being blocked there and we want to investigate how.

Please boost, we need your help.

Much appreciated.

Proud of for continuing the strike instead of selling out all other state employees (and for hardly a song)

The fact that your paywall will go away if I subscribe eatshit@fuckyou.no to your newsletter is not amusing enough to make the sudden hatred of your website go away.

Seriously tho, #DRM is hostile engineering and it needs to die.

Someone at ScrewAttack really should be notified that TFS's Perfect Cell thinks that thing on his head is a crown and Thor wants to knock a tiara off someone's head and that's a free Death Battle.

hey all! After having an account on mstdn.io (@dan) for awhile, I decided to try my hand at administering a new instance.

Ready Player One looks like a tonal crossover between Orwell's 1984 and The Hunger Games. And I am so there.

Just your periodic reminder to 2 because they killed a stunt actress by telling her not to wear a helmet during a motorcycle stunt.

My last reddit post is getting so many downvotes that I will soon know whether it can report percent-upvoted in decimals.

Oh! A new person liked a toot and followed me! Great! :D

Oh. He's friends with the psychos over at witches dot town. Great :/

Let's kill the generation gap by telling folk a few things they don't understand about how their elders got this way.

For example: hey , did you know? People who came up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and who unashamedly enjoyed academia, were socially isolated, publicly humiliated, and routinely beaten as if we were raping ten babies per second. We have no concept of where your comfort level with being in your own skin comes from. It was explicitly not allowed to us.