A great story about the first all woman antarctic science team. From 1969 antarcticsun.usap.gov/features

It's that time of year in McMurdo where we get ready for the resupply.
This year it's two cargo ships and a fuel tanker as well as a Army Floating Causway due to the warm winter impeading the ice peir construction.
You can watch here! usap.gov/videoclipsandmaps/cam

@avulsionist shoot forgot to post to go look at twirlynoodle.com/blog for updates!

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Got the privilege to hear Sarah Airriess talk about heroic era Antarctic exploration last night. She is down here working on a new graphic about "The Worst Journey in the World". Very excited for her work!

I am bringing 4 cameras with me this season to McMurdo (not counting Sandwich Girls). 2 Canon point and shoot, pixel 2Xl (counts!) and Lomo Belair set to 8x16.

Toffee Crunch amazing cake! It's my last day for a while at Orion. See you all next year!

I just put two and fourteen together and realized my Weird Al "lane claim to fame" is Gary Fisher gave me moustache wax at a SF Tweed ride.

Currently useless personal packing choice. Which challenge coin do I bring m

Oh, that's why I stopped using melatonin 15 years ago. Terminal insomnia wakes me up 4ish hours after going TO sleep. That stuff puts me to sleep but can't keep me there.

Yesterday I forgot the word for park. I called them tree islands.

Call for people that want postcards from the frozen south! Dm me your address and I'll send you postcards from McMurdo when I get there next month

One time in high school before an art conference I had a dream about meeting someone. I had the same dream three nights in a row and on the day after the third dream I met the person. Both of us look to each other and went "oh it's you". That's it.

stopped by Safetyville on the was home. Happy between two anniversaries!

6 more weeks till I deploy for my 5th season in McMurdo

Dream: was in a recording studio, mix was happening, it was some old manual toggle switches. The eng was showing us how to do a stereo fad right to left by rapidly flipping a serious of 3 switches. I heard the sounds in dream from left to right and back. It was a NEW experience.

"'Riffs for Reproductive Justice' is a new compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and dark folk songs from a wide range of artists who have united to raise money for an extremely important cause: abortion access
100% of proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAH: abortionfunds.org) and the Yellowhammer Fund (yellowhammerfund.org)."

#metal #reproductivejustice

🖕this hand shape is not physically possible.

You know how you hear or see a thing that has always been there but now that you are paying attention you see it all the time? "The thing is" that phrase for me currently. Alternative "a thing is" or "one thing is"

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