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- hi all! :) finally decided to give it a go to mitigate the disaster due to Twitter acquisition by a billionaire. Day job - computer networking (, by means of cisco). Other than that: Doing a bit of Rust of varied quality, microcontroller stuff, 3D printing, and random projects. Almost a year of being a passionate hobby cyclist :) Living in Brussels since 20+ years. Once convinced friends to make a first large IPv6-only WiFi at a conference ;-)

Really curious finding in this article: is faster than legacy protocol even for local tests. Now, the curious tidbit is that seems like it holds only on WiFi. Which make me wonder - is it a driver issue ? Or is there something more fundamental ?

I have always thought of async being just poor man’s userland threads/fibers/coroutines. What is there more to it ? 😊

By a complete chance a friend and colleague in borrowed me a bike, so I did a survey of my default shape (assessment: weak😂) - down to corner 7 to check the camera, and back up - a bigger half of it walking… but made it in one piece ! 😂 @mastobikes

The video uses multicast on the network. Need another screen ? No problem! The traffic is probably already here !

Spot the two similar to this scaffolds on the top of the mountain, which have the other end of the radio link…

Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


Had some time while the truck was unloading other stuff at start tent while we finished ours - so did a bit of prototyping - of course to be finished.

Networking is for a significant part is about series of pipes and bridges. And you use them to build some scaffolding …

Brussels pride. if you don’t like this post you might as well mute me for today :)

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