drinking a whole ass red bull before this exam because sleep is for the weak

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tonights mood is having an overdue assignment i could easily get done tonight but not fucking doing it for some reason

just remembered i have a website
should i link that shit

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Nazi EA Games Fuck Off 

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we hittin big dysphoria hours over here yeet yeet

hhhh someone gimme motivation to do my DIY voice therapy tonight

whats fuckin good nerds im exsiting n shit

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the drama is making me really angry mainly because people are shitting out the /horrible/ take that adults and minors cannot be friends without it being "creepy".

fuck that shit. fuck that shit to Hades and back. this is the kind of shit that ruins our already fucked up community so much more. you're not doing risk reduction here, you're just making shit weird when it's not.

i am friends with my coworkers. i have been working with them since i was 16; they are grad students. that is not a fucking creepy relationship, and honestly fuck you if you assume minors being friends with not-minors is problematic.

politics scare me and i dont really wanna do anything but if i dont do anything then im just as bad as the people doing the wrong thing cos im not doing anything about it hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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im a bougie piece of shit cos i prefer soda in glass bottles over plastic bottles

i was going to open a bank account today cos i like being able to have things without asking my parents but it turns out i dont have the right kind of birth certificate


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queer's only a slur when cishets use it, and its too important a word to actually need cw's every time its used.

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