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#hikari 1.0.0-rc1 is out! After a lot of work, we finally have our first release candidate! Thanks to everyone for all the help. Boosts welcome! 😺 🎉 #FreeBSD #Linux #Wayland #wlroots

I got the Royal Flush for the first time of my life. Pot was not so big. Maybe I should play the lottery TV tonight 😆

ITerm2 on Mac OS is memory leaking. 800MB for this terminal... Do you have other light alternative ?

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Well, I don't know how to host anymore

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I need some help.

I know nothing about hardware and need a new workstation (not a laptop).

Use cases are
- must support OpenBSD
- building an OpenBSD release as fast as possible
- run some VMM vms
- run a browser
- quiet
- fit on desk (uATX?)

serial console and wake on lan would be neat.

I'm thinking Ryzen 7 3800X, 64GB RAM, nvme, passively cooled radeon(4) graphics card.

Looking for a list of all needed components, thanks!

#LazyWeb #BoostsWelcome

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I have 4 rechargeable batteries ... one in my keyboard and the rest in a drawer. I recharged all 4 together, at the same time.

Anyone want to try to explain how the 3 batteries sitting in the drawer--presumably doing nothing (but who knows what they do in there when the light's off...)--managed to get completely drained at least as fast as the one in my keyboard?

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Instance Mastodon mise à jour vers 2.9.3 👍

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🚀 Boost if you love elephants!
⭐ Fave if you are an elephant!

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#AdminSys #LeConnaissiezTu ? #Ncdu est un super outil en curses pour voir la taille des dossiers !
Et je viens de découvrir que la version 1.13 (dispo dans #Debian #Buster) permet d’avoir des couleurs dans l’interface :blobaww:

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Je vais l'année prochaine être en DUT informatique année spéciale... et bon, si je reste à Bordeaux, il faut que je trouve une entreprise pour faire ma formation en alternance. Connaîtriez-vous un entreprises qui serait prête à me prendre (je donner mon CV si besoin).

Je suis sur #Bordeaux.

Repouet apprécié.

#Alternance #Développement #Dev

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