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[pour mon compagnon]

#JeChercheUnJob sur les environs de #Antibes - #SophiaAntipolis
#informatique #technicien
#développement #web #windows #unix #java #c# #sql #virtualbasic #html/css #PHP #javascript #office #retouche #vidéo

si vous ne savez pas, merci de RT !

me contacter, me donner vos infos...

la période est difficile, je prends toute aide !

je suis compétent, mes employeurs sont contents de mont travail, ponctuel, toujours présent, motivé

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#jechercheunjob pour construire le monde d'après, si possible pas comme le monde d'avant.
Je débute en Administration Système (niveau BTS) mais ai une culture générale assez correcte sur Linux.
En région parisienne malheureusement (ou en télétravail).

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Important ASA (Admins Service Announcement) for Mastodon and generally PostgreSQL admins: Due to some changes in glibc some distribution upgrades will cause PostgreSQL text indexes to become corrupted, potentially leading to unique indexes not being correctly enforced and inconsistent application data.


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Pop!_OS 20.04 is here, and it boasts impressive new features - OMG! Ubuntu! #gnome #system76 #popos Sympa la fonctionnalité de tilling, j'ai presque envie de l'essayer :-)

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These oranges were on sale at the combini... now I know why nobody wanted them!

They're comparing to iPhone 11 only... How about One Plus 7 Pro ?

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I'm wondering what they will talk about One Plus 8. 🤔
Hope the new one will be impressive. 🤞

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#hikari 1.0.0-rc1 is out! After a lot of work, we finally have our first release candidate! Thanks to everyone for all the help. Boosts welcome! 😺 🎉 #FreeBSD #Linux #Wayland #wlroots

I got the Royal Flush for the first time of my life. Pot was not so big. Maybe I should play the lottery TV tonight 😆

ITerm2 on Mac OS is memory leaking. 800MB for this terminal... Do you have other light alternative ?

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Well, I don't know how to host anymore

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I need some help.

I know nothing about hardware and need a new workstation (not a laptop).

Use cases are
- must support OpenBSD
- building an OpenBSD release as fast as possible
- run some VMM vms
- run a browser
- quiet
- fit on desk (uATX?)

serial console and wake on lan would be neat.

I'm thinking Ryzen 7 3800X, 64GB RAM, nvme, passively cooled radeon(4) graphics card.

Looking for a list of all needed components, thanks!

#LazyWeb #BoostsWelcome

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