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Pressez F5 pour rafraîchir.
Vous voyez plein de visages.
Ces personnes n'existent pas.
Ces visages ont été créés de toute pièce par une IA.

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C'est bon, vous pouvez supprimer mon compte parce-que j'utilise un bloqueur de pubs, j'ai un backup :bloblewd:


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Here's my new portable computer. The case was finally printed successfully so I was able to make sure all the electronics actually fit. The cables need a lot of wrangling so I might look for some shorter ones. The list of components is on my blog:

This was a fun custom deck to make. I'm happy to have a sturdy little computer with a mechanical keyboard that I can take with me.

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@angristan Can you tell me the difference between Wasabi storage and Hetzner Storage ? In therms of prices, Wasabi stills the cheapest one.

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