I was on Cyanogen on a offline mobile (G3 D855). I need to flash it with a new version. Is LineageOS ok ? Is there other alternatives ? Thanks :)

@bobvador I use Lineage on my Daily Driver and it is great! There are loads of other ROMs too so look around and find what you like.

@rushsteve1 ok then let's go to LineageOS. Android 8 supported, not sure if my old G3 will handle this :)

@bobvador Cyanogen has been discontinued, and Lineage is a direct continuation of it. It's essentially the same thing, except nowadays developed by a new team.

@vurpo yup I was on CM 14.1 just before they ended it. I saw that Lineage continued the work, but I was wondering if there was another kickass-ROM like Cyanogen :) i'm going to give a shot to LineageOS and make some research to see new ROM makers.

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