bjork once said: "I want to work with other people when I do music. What I am best at is
relationships. I am good at bringing out the best in people, and I they
lack a certain quality, I supply it. I like being someone\’s other half
and think it is masturbation to work all by myself". nevertheless i wouldn't mind masturbate together with her

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experience first-hand the prototype old-school masters expertise from years " on the counter"; you can almost feel their grasp and genie on the field as a sort of luminary glow geist permeating the room. taken from the blockbuster Catch Me If You Can franchise. hollywood doesn't usually go into much deep detail about this kind of abilities except from niche directed productions but this tiny 30sec scene capture some of the essence of it.

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there's a thin line between a scientist and a charlatan. the charlatan makes bold assertions and tells because it's so, the scientist makes bold assertions and calls them hypothesis

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anarchism is democracy without democrat institutions of power

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the thing about conspiracy theories is that they seem better explainers of facts than reality itself

in democracy an enlightened despot can only be elected trough the ways of demagogue democrats. in normal people this two requirements don't overlap, meaning either you can be a good ruler or a bad democrat. there are few exceptions to this rule

govermentwood in decreasing order:

1) enlightneted despotism
2) democracy
3) tyranny

relative assessment: in a democracy power is substituted by vote; when enlightened despotism downgrades to tyranny power is removed only by blood and revolution

china has the benefits of being a dictatorship (yes, it has some), namely their top-level rulers are able to rule without much distraction from opposition, and to deal with dissidents and such there are middle staff to implement party policy. the same can only be achieved in countries with much social trust and lower levels of corruption like norway. democracy is not a win-win situation, bit it has strong potential for further improvement until a sublime cumulus state of anarchy

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