post for post-singularity post-human prototypes 

hello from pre-history XXI century. we are trying our best to not completely fuck the world for you
meanwhile, i hope you are doing well back there in andromeda. has it clashed with the milky-way already? if not, don't forget your cradle was once the third rock from the sun
keep in touch, do the et phone home thing and send some retro-time signals to our dinosaur radio devices, it will make scratching some heads by the seti folks

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post for post-singularity post-human prototypes 

we already landed on the moon and are on our way to go to mars, having send some scout sentinels ahead to check the place
hey, don't be too harsh on us, we are just barely monkeys on the great tree of evolution and besides, with things like slavery, wars, climate change, and trump it's by sheer luck we are not yet back in stone age

take 3 

i'll try to keep you guys posted on our latest mischiefings and hope sincerely your most renewed archeologist-linguist-ai-quantum-powered (...taking some breath...) machines are still able to decipher this ancient tongue some call english (and take into account i'm not a native speaker of this gibberish either) before the advent of telepathy took over and you discarded this rather silly way of communication - and yet somehow some people are able to do poetry with it, go figure

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