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post for post-singularity post-human prototypes 

hello from pre-history XXI century. we are trying our best to not completely fuck the world for you
meanwhile, i hope you are doing well back there in andromeda. has it clashed with the milky-way already? if not, don't forget your cradle was once the third rock from the sun
keep in touch, do the et phone home thing and send some retro-time signals to our dinosaur radio devices, it will make scratching some heads by the seti folks

anarchism is democracy without democrat institutions of power

the thing about conspiracy theories is that they seem better explainers of facts than reality itself

in democracy an enlightened despot can only be elected trough the ways of demagogue democrats. in normal people this two requirements don't overlap, meaning either you can be a good ruler or a bad democrat. there are few exceptions to this rule

govermentwood in decreasing order:

1) enlightneted despotism
2) democracy
3) tyranny

relative assessment: in a democracy power is substituted by vote; when enlightened despotism downgrades to tyranny power is removed only by blood and revolution

china has the benefits of being a dictatorship (yes, it has some), namely their top-level rulers are able to rule without much distraction from opposition, and to deal with dissidents and such there are middle staff to implement party policy. the same can only be achieved in countries with much social trust and lower levels of corruption like norway. democracy is not a win-win situation, bit it has strong potential for further improvement until a sublime cumulus state of anarchy

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classic basic

20 PRINT CHR$(205.5 + RND(1));
40 GOTO 20

an excelent piece on how social narratives affect our perceptions and their social impact, in this case the gender gap on programming.

it is just me or we are being inundated by sen mccain on the news in europe because of someone who outside the u.s. is nobody

both conan and sherlock are not easy or nice guys per se, but they abide by a strict code of honor and conduct. they possess that special touch of verne's characters where they seem to linger on the verge of humanity and god-like super being

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my favourite super-heroes are conan, the barbarian and sherlock holmes. a super-hero is an ego fantasy of power, a portent to solve problems and injustice, as ourselfs we are powerless to solve them alone without some kind of supra-human ability. and if we look close enough we see that all fiction lead characters, one way or the other possess them, like an escape hatch to the troubles of the world; fiction and fantasy are our refuge from everyday life, where we can get and demand happy endings

"A presença excessiva de autoridades e da comunicação social junto do posto de comando operacional (PCO) perturbou o combate ao incêndio, a par de alguma menor experiência no comando"

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