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gaza, palestine 

Meet Tarek Loubani, the Canadian Doctor Shot by Israeli Forces Monday While Treating Gaza’s Wounded

I may have already posted this, can't remember. I think it's kind of funny that despite "Ted" going on to portray Johnny Mnemonic and Neo, turns out "Bill" was the savvy one.

Stop Using WhatsApp If You Care About Your Privacy

Privacy has always been a key feature and popular selling point for the messaging app WhatsApp. Company co-founder Jan Koum grew up in the Soviet Union under heavy government surveillance, and he promised to keep user data protected after Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014. Now, with Koum on the way out, it may be time to ditch WhatsApp before that promise leaves with him.

Abba announce first new songs for 35 years

Swedish four-piece take to Instagram to announce two releases that will form part of an ‘avatar tour project’

To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say | CBC News

Technology developed by a company in Waterloo, Ont., is being used by regimes and democracies throughout the world to censor online content, according to a new global investigation conducted by Citizen Lab.

Birds packing high-tech gear help scientists understand the migratory mysteries and dangerous life of the red knot

"The scientists hope the data from trackers will help them determine where to focus their conservation efforts."

PSA: Content Warnings aren't self censorship, nor are they censorship of any sorts, if they were censorship it would mean no one could read/view the content even if they chose to.

Personal curiosity 

Anyone know if there's like a torrent or something for the entire Project Gutenberg corpus?

Boosts appreciated


Sporting Kansas City 6 Vancouver Whitecaps 0: Russell stars with hat-trick

spaghetti code: unstructured, monolithic

lasagna code: stacks with unintentionally repeated functionality

ravioli code: small, self-contained modules

rotini code: huge dependency trees

farfalle code: nice syntax & layout but hard to use

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