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i fucking love making posts and jokes where i intrude on spaces i dont belong in and dab my way through being an obnoxious idiot as everybody ignores me. staying in you're lane is for friggin nerds. anyone wanna hear my take on the newest gender??? love my life being a cis guy

Cum-Ex and Cum-Cum, despite the hilarious name, is making me so angry. I *like* paying taxes bc I want to be a member of a social and inclusive society. And these absolute assholes taking money that literally EVERYONE else needs more than them, I want to shit in their faces.

Me! (If you ever want to message me, just do. Worst case, I’ll not answer for a few hours if I’m busy. But I like hearing from you!)
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That, and I scratch her head and butt.
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Mimi is indispensable for my programming skills, sorry.
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So if you want any of these 6 books, message me, and I’ll send it to you.

If you’re not a white cis man, I’ll even pay for postage. 😊

These are all still applicable, except maybe Swift Programming, which is for Swift 2 (the current one is swift 4)

I have a bunch of technical books on my shelf that I’m already finished with. Computer Books become worthless after a while, so I should really pass these on before that happens.

“Listen! Don’t stop scratching my head! It’s important!”

Managed to kickstart my programmer brain with 2 cups of coffee instead of one, and now stuff I actually working \o/

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I just saw a tortoise wearing jorts on Twitter and I don't know how to handle that.
(There was no source on there either)

It’s the Season where my sinuses are completely destroyed every day. And pumpkin spice I guess

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