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I havent read Gruber for a long while, and just stumbled over his newest post. Was he always this angry and ... out of touch?

This is really cool!
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Albert Ford has written an interactive explanation of the recursive shadowcasting algorithm used in roguelike games. This is an algorithm I've been wanting to study for a while, but I never got around to it until this interactive article came along. albertford.com/shadowcasting/

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Guess I wont have to join the next Zoom
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what would you do in this situation?

I love listening to three middle aged American white programmers explain their preconceived notions on how nutrition works

Me: all my friends are so gorgeous and good looking, I wish they would see themselves through my eyes

Also me: My body is hideous and no one should have to gaze upon it ever

Sehr sicher nicht! Deswegen meine politische Plattform: Viel Sozialstaat und wenig Purges!
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Was meint ihr: wenn Mord geduldet w瓣re, w羹rdet ihr noch leben?

Was passiert wenn BTS Fans einen 羹berrennen. I can relate
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Ich hab da einen Kumpel. Sein Name ist Lino und er wird seit kurzem von der Fangemeinde einer Koreanischen Popgruppe 羹berrannt.
Ein kleiner Thread 羹ber Dinge, die die meisten auf Twitter nicht mal erahnen k繹nnten, das es sie 羹berhaupt gibt.

Im still pretty shitty with SwiftUI but oh yes theres going to be an iOS 14 widget for @libitracker

Would you look at that nozzle!!!
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@Taraustralis There was an extensive study done in the seventies on the feasibility of interstellar travel (Barnards Star). 10,000 hours were put into the study and it concluded that it was feasible with no major technological advances.

This thread is really cool and described what Ive instinctively done the last few years
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Today I am thinking about what an ADHD friendly household looks like. A lot of people think that should look like these images, but in fact this kind of stuff often doesn't work for people with ADHD

Bug fixes and improvements
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Describe your software in the most boring way possible
I'll start: memcpy over the network

*Yeah, whoaho
There's something in the air, Whoaho*

Shut up Digitalism, thats called corona and we DONT like It!

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The demon gasped as though betrayed. My dragon mimicked the demon, but with big puppy eyes and an accompanying whimper.

"You... neither of you barely even know what waffles are! You had your first one last week! And you," I pointed at my dragon, "Buried half of yours in your bed."

Reminded of this, my dragon ran off, leaving my demon to pout at me.

"I could materialize the best waffles for ice cream. And you recently wished to try new foods..."

We had waffles and ice cream for dinner.

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