Omg I Love This
RT 6 playing with her toys and singing:
"Let the bunnies hit the floor, let the bunnies hit the floor, let the bunnies hit the floooooooooooor!"

Me: "G, why would bunnies hit the floor?"

6: "Because they are hopping on the floor, so they 'hit' the floor, duh"


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Im certain theres a dril tweet about precisely this but I cant remember it off the top of my head
I cant get over this picture.... he really is a lesbian ally

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I don't know which one of these is funnier

Card added :) cant wait to try this out tomorrow

Ah turns out my phone isnt updated. Omg this is exciting

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"In 1842, Charles Babbage asked Ada Lovelace to translate Louis Menebrea's essay on the Analytical Engine. She produced an article three times as long, with a "Notes" section full of wildly original ideas that anticipate many of the ways we use computers today."

(via @mcnees on twitter)

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So Xcode Playgrounds still crash a lot with Auto Run. 簪\_(~)_/簪 guess its back to manual run. I wish it would at least run on CMD+R...

This song came on discover weekly and damn Im instantly back in a convertible driving through SoCal

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