The only officially available Telemetry merch you can buy right now :D~
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⭐️ It’s the @IndieDevMonday one year anniversary

💸 All profits ($6 each shirt) donated to @GirlsWhoCode

💰Donations from first 3 weeks being matched by @RokkinCat, @RevenueCat, @getsentry, @Netlify, & @zeeg



Whoops, the beta doesn’t launch on macOS 11… removed it for download again and will check it out

Please take care that all the astronauts get out of the old module first!
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Wrapping up 20 years of service as a docking port and airlock, Russia’s Pirs module is set to depart the International Space Station today towed by a Progress cargo ship, heading for a destructive re-entry to clear the way for arrival of a new science lab.

(By which I mean: I wrote myself a test plan and I’m going through all the steps manually before actually preparing a release. Automated testing is coming later when the UI gets more stable)

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I’ve started doing some actual testing before I release a new version of @AppTelemetry and I very much cannot recommend it!! Already the testing has prevented me from releasing the version, because I just found a bug! 😡 /s

Clubhouse leak is in fact hot air.
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Den angeblichen Clubhouse-Leak hat inzwischen @heiseonline nachrecherchiert. Der Text scheint zu bestätigen, was ich am Wochenende vermutete: Der Aufreger-Tweet war heiße Luft.

Trotzdem ist die Adressbuch-Freigabe eine miese Idee.

N-wort ausschreiben oder aussprechen: immer unangebracht. Rassismus reproduzieren ist immer scheisse.

Look, it’s a cup that’s almost as cool as @feuer_ameise‘s!

Same goes for the development Industry in general
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Re: Lawsuit

If you are a cisgender white man in the game industry do not let yourself end your participation with a tweet of "Gosh industry needs to change."

⚔️ You. Change it today. ⚔️

An inexhaustive list of ACTIONABLE ways to tip this power imbalance:

Okay these really good
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👋 Do you ever run out of ideas for what to tweet?

Not anymore! Using GPT-3 I made a site that suggests new tweets for you in your style. All you have to do is put in your handle

Check it out! 👇

Proton rockets are pretty!!
It's been a very long time since a piece of the ISS was launched on a Proton!

Is it @AppTelemetry? Please say it’s @AppTelemetry! 😂
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What’s your favorite developer focused brand not named stripe?

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