Coolest Big Sur feature? It HAS to be the very helpful notification I get every ten seconds that my headphones are nearby! They are? Really? Still? Again? Wow! I mean, I have been using them to listen to music, but better tell me anyway.

(The actual spacecraft is large and very cool and not really what Id consider cute, but I still love this model)

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I put the model of our favourite mascot, , on @Sketchfab. You can rotate it around and give it a poke


Compared to the original drawings, I removed the MASCOT lander and four target markers, as Hayabusa2 left these on asteroid Ryugu!

This is amazing but I want to stomp around in it like Godzilla
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A 14 year old built Manhattan out of LEGOs.

He aspires to be an architect or model designer at Lego someday.


Scotty Doesnt Know
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Whats the best fake song? Like a song that exists in the world of a show/movie but not our world

Wonderful thread
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People who hear about a common-sense rule or a boundary and immediately look for exceptions and defenses for why it shouldnt really apply to them, as well as the people who, upon hearing about injustice, immediately look for justifications can pretty much fuck off forever.

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Its an unbelievably sad day for the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. After two major cable failures, the telescope is on the brink of an uncontrolled collapse and the NSF has decided to demolish the structure.

I made the mistake of typing on my MacBook 13 with the super flat keyboard, you know, the one that most people other than me dont like.

And now all the other Apple keyboards feel mushy as hell again

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