Hab gerade den e-Scooter 羹ber die Fug瓣ngerampel geschoben weil zu viel los war um das sicher zu fahren. Bollert so ein Radler vorbei, lacht manisch, und meine JAAJAAA SCHIEB DEIN ROLLER!

Alles okay da dr羹ben?

Where in HECK is the blue beard dye, Im late for my date as it is!
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Satan Addressing his Potentates, 1818

Would be really nice to know where the heck you think my chosen collection location is located, Amazon

It was unskippable and I was a sysadmin for my unis mac lab at the time. Ive seen that video a lot!
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Mac OS X Snow Leopard intro video (2009)

Xcode: Ooooh you know what would be fun? If I started pretending I was a completely dumb text editor and had no idea about the semantics of what youre typing or autocompletion. And then give you error messages when you compile LOL

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Mastodon's Web UI seems to bring Safari to a Crawl when leaving it open for longer, which is why I unpinned the tab and am only there in bursts. Anyone got a better solution? (No I'm not switching browsers, but maybe someone knows an electron or Mac app?)

If you see a sleep deprived zombie, just wave at me 儭

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