OK, done taxing for now. Now back to my favourite subject:

I honestly don’t mind paying taxes. Taxes are a flawed but useful utility that allows everyone to pay a more or less fair share towards building a communal space.

But I sure wish DOING taxes was easier.

Let’s talk about tax ba-by
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things, that may be

Let’s talk abouuuut tax
Let’s talk about tax

I am so very wholesome.

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Taxes for years where you’ve been both a freelancer and an employee are ... a lot. πŸ˜…

There are a lot of people really angry at their smartphones it seems. And they seem to be deliberately misunderstanding how stuff works. cracked.com/pictofacts-1277-th

I found an old PowerMac G3 in my parents attic the other day. Seems I put it there & completely forgot about it’s existence.

Hinter mir beim Spazierengehen ist der negativste Klischeeschwabe aller Zeiten. Alle andern sind faul und saufet und Rauchet bloß immer statt zum schaffe.

This is just viciously shitty

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A white professor filed a civil rights complaint against @BlackGirlsCode@twitter.com, a program that introduces black teenage girls to STEM subjects, claiming it discriminates against white men.

No matter how hard they try, white men just can't seem to get ahead.

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Please do not dm me tech advice I am running Windows xp with litestep, I know what I'm doing thanks


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Harpoon successfully captures debris in @UniOfSurrey@twitter.com lead project to address the growing issue. Read more: ow.ly/kMfW30nIbLl

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that little noise cats make when they jump down to the floor, retoot if u agree

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