@breakthesystem HELP! I'm gonna be spending 3 months in munich soon.

I'm afraid I have no idea wtf this says, though i recognize it as a bavarian dialect.

I already have nightmares of being stranded in the night, somewhere in munich, naked, shivering and not understanding anyone around me.

@thunfisch Munich ppl by and large are pretty nice, even if you don't speak the local language and only Hochdeutsch. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Hit me up for coffee if you feel like it.

And the translation is "This boy is a complete idiot" / "Der ganze Junge (ist) ein Depp"

@breakthesystem Uh, will take you up on the coffee offer for sure. Might try to bribe you with coffee for more information on space stuff - I seem to remember that you gave a cool talk about Mars thingies at 35c3 :)

@thunfisch yeah because it's REALLY hard to get me to talk about space stuff :P

Yes I mean usually we have to bribe you with compliments, bad puns and selfies .

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