@toni I’ve heard reports that the download links are all dead. I’ll try to rehost it later

@breakthesystem Whoooaaaaa, man. That's spec-fucking-tacular.

Almost looks like a matte shot from an old 1950s sci-fi flick.

Man, that's sweet.

@breakthesystem Do you know this guy personally? I really do think he should submit this to Astronomy Picture Of The Day. That's just friggin' amazing.

@breakthesystem it's a little odd how it took so long for someone on the thread to set up a torrent for the image.

At nearly 300MB the thing is a prime candidate for decentralized hosting.

Magnet here:
💾 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:j6ixrzpitvpmkx5tgroy6utcpqr5hhhj&dn=updated%20mosaic.png&xl=304863698&fc=1

@breakthesystem @pamela hi! check the guys ig: cosmic_background he has some other amazing pictures

[image description] 

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