New rule for SF/F stories: I’m not learning more than one made up word per chapter. If you need to substitute every other word just to sound exotic (“She drank the alear’nyo’gulrag, a nourishing Drink of fermented hops and barley”) I’m out.

And while we’re at it, if I catch you rambling into the 5th Sub-thread about unimportant side characters just to show off your world-building, I’m docking points. And you better use all those Chekhov’s Guns you’re leaving lying around!

In return, I will appreciate your wordplay, your diverse and well-rounded characters, your excellent pacing, and promote your book to all my friends if I like it.

Oh and this applies especially to male authors who do this way too often. Don’t create a mysterious yet smart yet capable yet musical yet awesome yet sensitive yet good-fighter main character who will master all the things immediately just because he is SO GOOD.

@breakthesystem Agreed! Call it beer, make it exotic by creatively describing its exotic nature - English is already capable of that, no need to make us learn and read some made-up foreign language for it!

I hate this style.
Try Hyperion by Simmons. He uses made up tech and words without explaining it this way. You just learn it as the story proceeds from the way they are being used in the context.

@fnord ugh i read that and enjoyed the book, but could have done without the made up words

That would be hard sci-fi. Something Hyperion definitely isn't :)

@breakthesystem also: made up words are not to resemble each other, and if the chapters are shorter the number of made up words per chapter should go down accordingly. Bonus points if made up words sound like something that could be remembered easier than the example you just gave

@breakthesystem I am definitely a sucker for a team where the strengths of some are the weaknesses of others. Complementary is good.
AKA why Dragonlance works.

@breakthesystem Yes! Just thinking of all the alternate spellings of "whiskey" in fantasy-land.

(Yes, I know, we have two in English.)

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