Do you pee in the shower? Be honest!

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@breakthesystem "there are two kinds of people, these who pee in the shower and these who lie"

@breakthesystem Where is the 鈥瀗o, because i usually go to the toilet before shower鈥-option?

@franzi I blame Eugen for not allowing more than 4 options in a poll.

@breakthesystem I dated someone who admitted to doing this and I was very grossed out and may or may not have considered banning them from my shower

@danielle I should post another poll asking of ppl pee on OTHER people鈥檚 showers. :D~

@breakthesystem missing option: "No, usuaaly I shower in public."

@breakthesystem you learn not to pee in the shower after having to clean the drain
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