#pleroma a light weight #OStatus and #ActivityPub compatible social networking server alternate to #Mastodon is now available on #Yunohost
It is high-performance and can run on small devices like a #RaspberryPi


Pleroma: git.pleroma.social/pleroma/ple

What is Pleroma?

@anmol @yunohost there's already a pleroma package (not official) for yunohost.

developed by @ilja and I forgot where is the repo

I did not find any latest repo of #pleroma for #Yunohost 3. So I did one.
But it would be good to see another package and compare it, so that I can fix anything I have missed.

@anmol (my instance is running on this package, just wait until @ilja answer for a link :3)

Can you show your me ?

$ cat /etc/yunohost/apps/plerome/status.json

@anmol Sorry I cannot now. I'm on my phone. I will link you to the package tomorrow If I don't forget

@brunpi @marsxyz
The package looks good and well updated. It has the media cache support too. If this package passes the CI then it should be mirrored to yunohost-apps github repos page.

@anmol @marsxyz @brunpi Yup that's the one. It's not really finished tho. I'm happy with the install scripts now (untill recently it wasn't possible to install multiple instances since it used default names for a whole bunch of things). The remove works, but needs extra work. backup and restore _kinda_ works but you have to remove the app before restoring works and I don't thinks that's supposed to be the case+I don't think you'll be able to fully restore to a fresh ynh install. And the upgrade is very naive atm.

I've never done anything like this before (I've never even set up a webapp before ^^' ) which is why it's taking me so long. Feel free to clone or MR or copy or whatever tho. It's AGPL and so is yours I see.
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