cyber :verified:

man, i love it when the only results you can find online for a tech issue are like 11 year old forum threads filled with "im also having this same issue can anyone help????"

oh yeah that's really helpful thanks guys

@bryan Or the one that says ‘don’t worry, fixed it’ without offering the solution.

@ducatdusk and they were "last seen 7 years ago"

@bryan Exactly. So maddening. I like to think there is a special kind of hell for those people - one where they are blighted by technical problems with no solution.

@bryan and the many pages with NO dates as the first that come up in search that are no longer relevant.

@bryan this is a phenomenon in desperate need of a catchy but unclever name. i suggest... "Googling Is Bad And Doesn't Work"

@bryan if it weren't for copyright law, european database laws...someone could cultivate all those forums into one place, with links to current help...

@bryan It maddens me. I always try to search FIRST online for solutions to a tech problem, then if I don't, I have to *blech* call tech support and all they do is have a recording telling me my answers can be found on their website (uh, no) or if I'm lucky, they read from a script and then blame a 'trusted partner' connected to the tech issue.

@bryan I love it when the only results you can find online for a tech issue are you asking the same question 5 years before.

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