Part of me hopes to see automation kill the hundreds of jobs that just treat human workers as drones/slaves and honestly shouldn't exist

Part of me also kinda dreads that automation, if left unchecked, may further drive up hyper-production that exacerbates related issues like anthropogenic climate change

It especially makes little sense to me where I live: a tropical country where hot & humid conditions are common, making business wear impractical without also requiring intense air-conditioning

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Part of me hopes that the heavy exposure of working from home helps more people to dismiss the notion of "dress code", i.e. non-uniformed clothing requirements that do nothing to improve safety

If you yourself feel empowered in your work by donning "business wear" then you do you, but I wish this weren't compulsory in a lot of workplaces

I feel like a lot of full-time jobs should be broken down into multiple part-time jobs with more manageable scopes, if only they'd actually pay well enough for people to survive

Tip for randomly generating alphanumeric temporary passwords: please exclude characters that could be ambiguous

Case in point: encountered a temp password that had a small "L" + numeral "1" + big "i" all mixed in the same string, that I only figured out by converting the string to both upper and lower case

Quite a number of video games have some feature involving in-game photography, but Final Fantasy XV is the only one I can think of so far that's actually used your photos for emotional impact that paid off massively towards the end

Any Mastodonians tried out Bespoke Synth? Seems to be an interesting FOSS cross-platform modular synth that may appeal to those looking for tools 🤔

Would an alternative to be more desirable if 1) the learning model + tool is free and open source, and 2) the corpus the model is trained on consists solely of code snippets from creators who've explicitly allowed free use by the tool + any projects that generate derivative content using the tool?

Or are there other problems missed by such an alternative?

I mean it makes sense to use that for the orchestral music since video games are quite a big cultural export for Japan, and a good number of their games stand out precisely because of their soundtrack

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Well turns out there really is a whole list of video game soundtrack pieces to be used in the music (article in Japanese):

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I'm just noticing there are Japanese video game soundtracks referenced in the walkout music for

and to be honest, if Japan can pull the Games off (both Olympic and Paralympic) without incurring significant COVID cases, it'd be quite a fantastic testament to the country's endurance against the pandemic

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Currently watching the opening ceremony... at least it's good they're pretty up front about the Games happening in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that has claimed numerous lives, rather than brush past it nonchalantly

A lot of pieces I've seen on the conversation on WFH vs WFO, or a hybrid of both, tend to

- be hung up on implementing a blanket arrangement on which days to come to office each week, rather than actually let the worker decide when they want to be in office or at home, not necessarily following a regular schedule
- forget that remote working doesn't always have to happen at home, especially not after pandemic restrictions

Remember when Internet memes actually referred to the viral online ideas/trends/references and not simply image/video macros

People who declare themselves as "animal lovers" should *really* specify which animals they love

Or were they super confused by seeing an h next to a g and thought that transformed the g they knew (hard g) into a different g, so they guessed it to be the soft g

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