Would an alternative to be more desirable if 1) the learning model + tool is free and open source, and 2) the corpus the model is trained on consists solely of code snippets from creators who've explicitly allowed free use by the tool + any projects that generate derivative content using the tool?

Or are there other problems missed by such an alternative?

I mean it makes sense to use that for the orchestral music since video games are quite a big cultural export for Japan, and a good number of their games stand out precisely because of their soundtrack

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Well turns out there really is a whole list of video game soundtrack pieces to be used in the music (article in Japanese): nikkansports.com/olympic/tokyo

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I'm just noticing there are Japanese video game soundtracks referenced in the walkout music for

and to be honest, if Japan can pull the Games off (both Olympic and Paralympic) without incurring significant COVID cases, it'd be quite a fantastic testament to the country's endurance against the pandemic

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Currently watching the opening ceremony... at least it's good they're pretty up front about the Games happening in the midst of an ongoing pandemic that has claimed numerous lives, rather than brush past it nonchalantly

A lot of pieces I've seen on the conversation on WFH vs WFO, or a hybrid of both, tend to

- be hung up on implementing a blanket arrangement on which days to come to office each week, rather than actually let the worker decide when they want to be in office or at home, not necessarily following a regular schedule
- forget that remote working doesn't always have to happen at home, especially not after pandemic restrictions

Remember when Internet memes actually referred to the viral online ideas/trends/references and not simply image/video macros

People who declare themselves as "animal lovers" should *really* specify which animals they love

Or were they super confused by seeing an h next to a g and thought that transformed the g they knew (hard g) into a different g, so they guessed it to be the soft g

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Why is Studio Ghibli's "Ghibli" romanized in Japanese as "jiburi" (ジブリ), even though the ghibli that it's named after would be pronounced with a hard g and thus should be romanized as "giburi" (ギブリ)

Did the "h" somehow disappear from their perception when formalizing the studio's identity

You think there might be an incoming wave of Nigerian users here because of the recent ban of Twitter there

Being able to watch a livestream of my cousin's wedding right now (of course abiding to safety regulations) is an example of how fortunate we have all these technological progress to tide us through the ongoing pandemic

Imagine a Kingdom Hearts like game but set in the DreamWorks universe

I don't really know if having the incentive of being able to not wear masks upon full vaccination is such a wise idea, since 1) there're cases of infection post-vaccination (at least with drastically reduced incidence + severity); 2) there are people who'd pretend to be vaccinated just to be mask-free; 3) I don't think the immunity lasts that long, compared to the few years the world will likely spend trying to quash COVID-19 to a low-level threat

Don't use "return to work" to mean "return to the office/workplace", disregarding all the effort of people who've managed well with working from home

Been thinking about this issue of accessibility in live , especially with the increased prevalence in live streaming helping to narrow the gap for those with physical disabilities; now's a good time to reevaluate current practices and introduce measures to better accommodate such marginalized fans and increase the audience base


Just purely imagining: would it be better or worse to categorize competitive athletes by relevant hormonal levels (testosterone, estrogen, etc) than by "men/women"?

Some drama shenanigans currently ongoing surrounding a particular admin and an emerging Streisand effect 🍿

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