...and my first bit of on , trying it out as a possible new platform; at least they aren't limiting uploads (yet)


(Probably) my last bit of on (due to ridiculous policies pressuring people to buy into their only paid tier now)


Short on the ร˜sterskov Efterskole in , employing to better engage students that might otherwise falter in the typical educational environment


Interesting idea, shifting the conversation spotlight onto professional failures rather than successes. May combat the annoying tide of success stories reeking of survivorship bias. Maybe this idea could extend beyond entrepreneurship?


Stumbled upon this paper by this team that scoured through several Mastodon instances and did basic analysis of their toots, with particular emphasis on those with CWs

(apparently mastodon.social generated a very peculiar word cloud from their CW-labelled toots)


All the major announcements from Exilecon for are bonkers, especially the sequel with its improved system ๐Ÿคฏ

Also pretty funny salting of Blizzard's wound with the mobile game port

I literally just went to answer the door and in that short span the lifetime total spiked to 6 million

Witnessing the spike in donations in just now, maybe future should really look into giveaways of quality replicas of famous game weapons/armor

Ooh boy that Master Sword replica bringing in big moolah for ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Oh lord @ihorner channeling his Lil Nas a la Old Town Road on is... something

Forgoing today's live stream to catch 's possible last shift

This is an official endorsement of @[email protected] by the Weeb Clan, a Desert Bus Family subsidiary.

#GMJacob #DB2019

A little late in timing, but a question I've had for a while, especially given the new influx of users:

Is there a significant difference in calling the festival versus ? Is that like a regional thing (North/South)?

Accidentally stumbled upon the Mononoke : the whole aesthetic + premise is super infused in Japanese flavour

Don't recall any other anime that has similar visuals + soundtrack

2019-10-29 = 's 7th Birthday! ๐ŸŽ‚

Wikidata has kinda grown into one of several projects that I've casually contributed to regularly, I guess I like the idea of opening and connecting data for everyone to use. It's pretty much the "one database to link them all", connecting data and entities across the web.


Thinking about having dual-releases of my future : one version of my album being copyrighted and distributed on all major streaming/buying platforms; and another version made of remixes of the former, but released under some free license.

I want the former (non-libre) for outreach to local music talents, as that's how many of them discover each other. I also want the latter (libre) to give to the libre music community.

Sensible plan? Or am I missing something?

Just wrapped up the I mentioned earlier (me on keys + partner on Push)! Feeling pretty drained now, but I'm refamiliarizing myself with being on stage. Crowd seemed pretty thrilled too I think, at least from the glimpses of dancing I caught.

Also great job to the other budding musicians of my club (EML)! Good variety of musical styles showcased this evening, and invaluable performing experience earned tonight.

Caught wind of this contest, decided to throw my hat into the ring with my own interpretation ~


Been quietly lurking around here for a while, but I finally have a -related update on my end

Gonna be performing for my music club (NUS EML) as part of their annual concert end October... not as a solo act, but as part of a collab duo. Also gonna swap the Launchpad with a MIDI keyboard, as I'm gonna be (kinda) freestyle jamming for the first time! I've done improvs casually, but never in a more proper act :blob_dizzy_face:

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