Having played for some time now, I've kinda come up with a golf-like analogy for how well I did on a puzzle based on number of guesses:

1 = hole in one
2 = eagle
3 = birdie
4 = par
5 = boogie
6 = double boogie

359 3/6


#109 2/6


Freakish luck with the starting word 😅


357 2/6


Saw a washroom that consisted exactly 1 male cubicle with a sitting toilet, 1 female with a sitting toilet, and 1 cubicle for wheelchair users

At that point why even bother gendering those two cubicles if they're all sitting toilets

Hello and good day to all musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Last year's FediVision event was a fun success, so this year we're doing it again.

#FediVision is a fediverse-wide music competition and celebration, inspired by the much bigger and better financed Eurovision Song Contest.

The main event and final voting period will be on Saturday, May 14th.

To organise the song submissions and all the info and FAQs, we've made a website: fedivision.party


@btcprox Yep, here's one too. Haven't had time for an introduction post or proper bio with links to releases, but I will put those up in the near future.

The first of the Loop Sessions by - online events featuring makers - will be held on 21 May @ 6pm (UTC+2), and will feature + Grand River:


Any new in this new influx of users? Or any that I might've missed? Would be neat expanding my circle and finding potential collaborators (when I have the time + energy to make new )

314 2/6


313 3/6


Been using as my main for over the years... any tips or tricks that you think are underrated? Could be for particular sound design techniques, workflow optimizations, etc.

Wordle Peaks #62 3/6


Any / projects that you think deserve more attention? I already regularly help out in + , and a little in + , but it doesn't hurt to also check out other projects

neurodiversity.wiki just recently launched 🎉

The crowdsourced wiki aims to be a resource for educating on conditions with input from people, hoping to dispel misconceptions and reduce stigma

The wiki's Discord is currently open and looking for more collaborators, and I've been fortunate to help out in editing content for one of the pages 📝

Small work peeve: colleagues should really skip the whole "Hi how are you doing today" question that inevitably leads to the request

Why not just get straight to the point about what you want from me rather than use that superficial opening

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