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Whoop whoop, my 2nd EP is out on now! (Pay what you want starting from $0)

Honestly pretty glad to finally get this out quickly, rather than have these musical ideas wither in my head while I cram my studies. Plus I get to share more of my stuff here.

I remember roughly a decade ago I discovered the , and I was fascinated by the way you could manipulate these cubic blocks on the table to manipulate + for live performance. And now I've only seen blips of its public appearance (I think the last time was Coldplay in 2014?).

To be fair, it looks like it fits in best as an interactive installation at an art gallery party and not as a big stage performance tool

I've just chanced upon Bongo Cat, and it's like a weird revival of nico-nico-like memes on youtube

: friends who spontaneously meet each other in a public spot with high human traffic... and keep conversing at length while staying still in the same spot

Look, your life isn't a movie where the extras around you magically fade away during your significant personal moments, so the least you could do is move out of the damn way

My new EP is OUT!


features 2 pseudo-hiphop tracks (in slovene) and 2 dancefloor cuts.

Download includes additional 3 bonus tracks and a pack of additional material.

Limited edition USB booklet printed on NotWeed paper which is made locally from invasive plants to save natural resources and biodiversity.

#CreativeCommons BY-SA 4.0
:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

#ElectronicMusic #LinuxAudio #MastoMusic #Kamizdat

has announced they'll soon start limited beta testing of PokeStop submissions, it seems. I wonder if would use this data for their portals? Or if the submitted data could be useful for ?

Hello #fediverse!

We reproduce here the worldwide news in Portuguese from the Brazilian Agรชncia de Notรญcias Anarquistas.



#intro #introduction #brazil #bot

Something I only just noticed: on Android, the for the signs go through a colour spectrum in their chronological order, starting from โ™ˆ in red, ending with โ™“ in magenta

Also the 13th has emoji too: โ›Ž

Asakura Gyosen, chief monk (is that the proper title?) of his , brought in his previous experience in DJing and lighting design to bring new blood to the temple.

Rather than dry chanting sessions, he's created Hoyo, essentially a blend of with synchronised lights and projection mapping, plus vocoder-enhanced sutras.

One of the sessions uploaded onto his channel:

Whoop whoop, my 2nd EP is out on now! (Pay what you want starting from $0)

Honestly pretty glad to finally get this out quickly, rather than have these musical ideas wither in my head while I cram my studies. Plus I get to share more of my stuff here.

Hot dang I actually went ahead and made another account over at ๐Ÿ‘‰ @btcprox

So that's probably where you'll see me sharing more things or rant about daily life I guess ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

Also any in other Mastodon instances might wanna check out!

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Ahhh I just discovered the instance! Might actually make a 3rd account there for stuff. (also talk cock and complain lol)

There seems to be a growing impression that a who can perform their own live, must have naturally been a at some point. Think it's because it's a common path of progression from DJ to producer nowadays.

Funnily enough I don't DJ at all. Feel like performing my own music is easier than playing a DJ set I curated. In my mind, hunting for the perfect tracks and ordering them properly sounds more exhausting for some reason.

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I occasionally engage in editing. Started off doing light stuff in iD, then pushed myself to do more surveying with .

Something about filling in missing data or updating existing data on feels satisfyingly therapeutic. And you can include handy details that other maps would otherwise omit (extinguishers, benches, landmark trees, etc).

Haven't ventured into pedestrian paths though. Would definitely improve navigation, but sounds too time-consuming for an amateur...

Also I can finally share on here some musical thing I've done recently! Guess you may have a better idea of the styles I may dabble with now?

Me mucking about on the @awhaleslantern project in trying to see what sticks as the deadline looms closer :ablobgrimace:

It's frustrating to me how people throw around labels like they're valid tools of debate and argument. Even more so when the labels are far from accurate. When did the idea that "you fit this label" = "you lose this argument automatically" become so prominent?

I feel like people all over could benefit from way more naps

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