Idea: expose the people not wearing masks, or wearing them incorrectly (exposed nose), by scattering sneezing powder / pepper / strong perfume in the air; now *they* look and act more like plague-bearers with their sneezing fits

Side-effect: also affects babies or really young kids who don't have any fitting masks

Been watching videos on Yeoman Warders recently

Not easy to achieve long streaks of good military service as a prerequisite, let alone become public symbols of Britain's deep heritage

Kinda like tour guides with way tougher credentials?

Reminded again at how underrated the Reactable is for music performance, no thanks to the heavy setup + commercial inaccessibility

I realized I don't really have a "dream job"

I have several things I like to do, but on my own volition without pressures of deadlines like a job would impose

I'd rather just live as a creator-slash-autodidact, learning from and giving back to the world on my own terms

My most recent track on , and also the first to surpass 100 plays 😊

Thanks to those who liked my little of RAC's track during his Twitch livestream earlier; not aiming to be top dog, but just wanted to at least show a different interpretation 🎡🎹

Wouldn't be surprised if professional cuddlers and cuddle parties would get quite the spotlight, once people are fully liberated from pandemic-induced distancing measures

I dunno if this is bad, but if I had foreseen the turbulence this year would bring, I might have switched gears from job-seeking mode to self-starter mode, and just go all ham in self-learning and creating different projects of various types to show off online, instead of stressing over my job on top of coping with the pandemic

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2020, being a kinda nice sounding number, seemed slated for a lot of new changes lined up through big events and major projects, and perhaps personal milestones

We certainly got a heck load of massive changes so far this year, just not the ones we expected

Twitter being smacked by an executive order sure does hammer home the importance of federating or even decentralizing a social platform

Interesting campaign going on now, where celebs hand over their social media accounts temporarily to people who are deemed more deserving to broadcast their perspectives regarding the pandemic (frontline workers, healthcare staff, health experts, etc.)

I feel like a lot of bubbles would remain untouched though... chances are the people with vehemently opposing views/conspiracy theories likely wouldn't follow these celebs anyway?

Most of us only gripe about Mondays because we all got sucked into the structure of going to work/school five times a day, doing many things we'd rather not be doing at the moment

It's not some arbitrary division of time's fault that we are stuck in a mundane routine

Interesting seeing how various chat shows have basically morphed into vodcasts in this pandemic, trying to maintain the same entertainment quality sans the present studio audience. And now they have to play on a similar field with the vloggers + podcasters who probably have years of experience over them

Don't confuse this current arrangement with more typical remote working circumstances

Ideal remote work normally doesn't involve the entire family being stuck in the house nearly 24/7, fighting for privacy + Internet access

Heck it may not even require you to be at home or office, maybe a nice nearby cafe or library or study area with Wi-Fi

Don't want this experience to be sour grapes for those struggling with WFH, and end in imposing mandatory office work upon thriving remote workers

Is it bad that I feel regret jumping into my first corporate job early this year, instead of staying jobless but being able to fully engage in my music production/performance and other personal pursuits

I'm really envious of all the musicians being able to participate in virtual festivals or host their own online concerts during this time

Porter Robinson's Secret Sky festival (free!) is going on right now, featuring a YouTube stream paired with a virtual arena

Subjecting myself to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Love Never Dies" on YouTube before it disappears

Starting to see what people mean when they say it's easier when you treat it as a subpar fanfic of Phantom of the Opera :blobcheeky:

Visuals are pretty + some songs are nice though

So a redditor seems to have uncovered evidence suggesting that online protest groups to "reopen [US state]" are part of astroturfing efforts, i.e. created solely to manufacture artificial grassroots sentiment to push the idea that people of those states want to reopen out of lockdown. Not quite sure who exactly orchestrated this?

Fun to see Jelle get such a big break in a collaboration with an actual racing league, especially in this pandemic that has essentially killed a lot of live sporting events!

Similar and more recent TED talk (2019) advocating for the 4-day work week with the same pay: with the right arrangements that didn't compromise overall productivity, it's argued that both employers and employees benefit both in and beyond the workplace

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