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Whoop whoop, my 2nd EP is out on now! (Pay what you want starting from $0)

Honestly pretty glad to finally get this out quickly, rather than have these musical ideas wither in my head while I cram my studies. Plus I get to share more of my stuff here.

The 2018 Rewind is certainly hammering home the fact that a lot of the content they want to spotlight or stifle is heavily determined by corporate demands / shareholder pressures

All the more I wanna see mature enough to compete against YT really

Also apparently there's a personal account from a YouTuber who got flown over from Australia to be part of the Rewind, only to find he got cut out without his knowledge

So even behind the scenes YouTube is failing

Watched the heap of flaming trash that is YouTube Rewind 2018, and it's pretty clear they're losing touch with a good chunk of their user base

I knew how biased it'll already be coming from YouTube, but even the execution sucks compared to previous years

Just for the heck of it, I did some #Christmas-y #remix thingy that I'd normally put on my main #music profile... put it here instead because I sampled bits of Living With Lydia, which I imagine invokes quite some TV nostalgia with a good number of Singaporeans


I've seen the tag floating around, as a way to share artists' experiences in improving their craft

Maybe us could start a parallel to share how we improved our performance/production?

I naively thought of & as situated at opposite ends of the logos/pathos spectrum

After some time I see them as two types of lenses with which to view the world, two tools with which to organise my mind

I did sink money into Live already, but I am keeping a loose eye on Studio since I can't guarantee that I'll stick to Windows or Mac in the long run, and that seems to be the only cross platform alternative as a production/performance tool so far

Probably will check in semi-annually to see how it matures

Golly gee the is quite the euphoric trip, such a tight coupling between your actions and the visuals + sounds

Tempted to do something like "12 Beats of Christmas" once I'm done with finals, but I dunno if that'll eat up more time than I can handle

Whoo boy Betrayal League is quite the expansion package, another strong blow to Blizzard especially after their disappointing Immortal announcement

Dunno if it's a coincidence that this league wants you to take down the Immortal Syndicate πŸ€”

You're sitting in class and there's chatter around you and you stare out the window and dream yourself away... that's what this song, "Window Seat" by @btcprox and @ky0ko , part of our third #MusicCollab album, sounds like to me. You can listen here:

#Music #MastoMusic

NTU has had a psychology module about #death + dying + bereavement, but only this year did it incorporate a funeral simulation segment.

Typical gut reaction is probably feeling weirded out or disgusted, but I for one think it's a neat way to encourage discussion & introspection on their mortality. Especially since #Singapore still has numerous Asian taboos surrounding the subject.

Shoutout to those celebrating / ! At least over here it's still observed as a public holiday, but I imagine especially in non-Asian countries it's easy to get overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas (possibly Thanksgiving too). It's a really meaningful festival too, celebrating the triumph of light over darkness, the conquering of evil / ignorance.

One common though for a producer is that the successful ones usually succeed by honing their style into a sharp focused sound, and if they really want to try other styles, they should focus that into another separate artist identity.

Problem for me is that it's difficult to separate my identity from the myriad of genres that I like and want to dip my toes into. I *want* to incorporate the variety.

Shoutout to my club the Electronic Music Lab, the uni club that I joined on a whim and ended up sticking for the last 4 years. If I hadn't known about EML I probably wouldn't have gained the knowledge and confidence to step into music production + performance. This music identity wouldn't exist!

They're having a Halloween-adjacent event showcasing members and alumni alike. Though I'm not performing this time, I'm still supplying them pre-show spooky music πŸ‘»

Sometimes I fantasize about having my personal pocket dimension where time doesn't flow, so I can sneak in there and nap + de-stress + catch up on pressing work, then re-emerge into reality when I'm ready

I'm listening with headphones to the new Whale's Lantern collection ( Listening, as I write. Once again, I find myself surprised and fascinated by the range of different styles and approaches that come with musical collaborations on a common theme like this. When randomly paired people -- strangers, really -- come together - not in physical space, but across the wires -- to make music, it can be quite a journey of song and sound. #smallstories #MusicCollab

I've noticed that people outside of Mastodon usually promote the platform with the tag on other socials, to prevent confusion with the band. Problem is that makes even more people conflate it with the instance.

The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern #MusicCollab album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!
#music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

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