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Listening to 's new is such a wild ride, and you can tell there's so much careful attention poured into it

In light of giving a whirl, how feasible is it for MITOpenCourseWare to do the same? Or other educational institutions?

If today is being increasingly referred to as more of a spectrum (or at least not strictly binary), should "gender reveals" be renamed? ๐Ÿค”

Watching live is one of the few times the large timezone difference works in my favour. Rather than sacrifice sleep on a Thursday night, I start off my Friday morning with some goodness

I think it might be possible for me to go through the critical before releases

Though I've already given up on Chain of Memories because those game mechanics are needlessly cumbersome, so I've just watched a full playthrough online instead

As obnoxious as their online articles can be, puts out loads of interesting , and I've been binging on them recently

Maybe all their content is actually more digestible in video form than in drawn out text

If you think about it, today's smartphones partly function as a modern equivalent to the pocket watches of centuries past

@ky0ko looks like we got paired together for the ! Interested to see what we'll come up with together ๐Ÿ˜Š

Roughly 4 tracks done for my next compilation (would this be an EP?) and in the middle of a 5th. Probably gonna cap off at 6 because I still need to prepare a separate set (probably two) ๐Ÿคช

If there were a true replacement for I wouldn't mind using it, but nothing I've found so far seems to be able to emulate its Session View that I depend on for performing ๐Ÿ˜’

Been keeping my eye on Dreams on the for a few years now, and it's really becoming more and more like the behemoth creation toolkit it promised to be, rather than just a simple . It already has a pretty functioning DAW as *one* of its numerous creative tools, which is bonkers.

It's mind boggling how he holds such strongly hateful opinions juxtaposed against the art he makes. Equally mind boggling how he's gotten away with backpedaling a few times, and the Internet forgot about it.

A bit of drama going on: Pogo (that Australian guy who did loads of Disney music mashups) shows just how much of a bigot he is. Again.

Currently catching up on Plus... got hooked on this series back when it started off as BEGIN Japanology, and it's a pretty neat insight into life. The Japanophiles mini-series is also fascinating, providing foreigners' perspectives on the merits of and their .

I've never shown the /homebase of the interest group that I'm part of in uni, so here's a pic of a swanky corner of this hideout

Good portion of the Internet's mourning the loss of John Bain (aka Totalbiscuit) today. A major influential figure in the community (especially ) and a stubborn fighter to the end.

Currently in the Pirates of the Caribbean world in Kingdom Hearts 2 and it's such a weird clash of aesthetic, made even more absurd that none of the locals are questioning the intruders' appearances