Waiting to hear the fruits of labour from the latest @awhaleslantern iteration ๐ŸŽต๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ

Kinda itching to get back on Live and just mess around with some ideas... Something to look forward to once I'm done with my last exam today I guess

"An event series known for giving out free can be a metaphor for an aim to support a developing local industry. But can partying and overloading oneself with sumptuous strips of bacon and ear candy do it?"


It's bothering me a little that the "Nobody: " part of that meme implies that "nobody said nothing" and it should really be "Everyone else: " for the intended meaning

One idea I've learnt from the past few years of immersing in maths (+ some stats) is that "not giving a definite answer" can be a valid answer. Saying "I don't know" or "I can't be sure" isn't necessarily a sign of weakness, if you are confident in your lack of evidence to make a well-informed evaluation.

Thinking about it, Taoists were asking people "do you know da wae" long before Ugandan Knuckles

This is bonkers how have I not heard of Kikuo before

This track is like some electro mystic gamelan magic


@btcprox @awhaleslantern Or if anyone wants to suggest a portrait to base some music around, it's not too late (i.e., some of us have no ideas yet).

Since the theme of the latest @awhaleslantern (which I'm sadly too busy for) is "Portraits", I think it'll be neat if did portraits inspired by each of the finished tracks in the album

A pretty good opportunity for + to come together

"The worldโ€™s largest grassroots movement for the #environment returns with an electrifying festival of music, art, food and lifestyle.

#EarthHour 2019 (29-31 March) aims to rally the local community and build a city that comes together as Conscious Citizens to drive major change For #Nature."


#Singapore #WWF

" is a light-hearted children's game series about adventuring with your favourite Disney characters through familiar worlds"

O k a y I b e l i e v e y o u


Found a few comments on other alternative platforms sharing concerns about 's federated structure

A common point: the federation sees instances created for users with common interests/ideology, possibly setting precedent for even tighter echo chambers + aggressive behavior between instances over ideology clashes


Kurzgesagt (In A Nutshell) just put out a on loneliness, which might inspire you to reach out more to people around you


For last year's I did a little thing sampling this old educational film about "going steady", because why not ๐Ÿ’˜


Speculation based on trailer: is probably Elsa + Co finding the other 3 princesses who control the other seasons

Maybe Elsa wants the Spring + Fall princesses to team up with her against the tyrant Summer princess, so kinda + The Last Airbender

Or all four are to team up against a tyrant wizard/witch aiming to use their powers mailiciously

On one hand, I like that Dr Pimple Popper the TLC series is teaching even more people beyond the Internet about how weird our bodies can be, and bringing some folks' (me included) guilty pleasures of extractions / to the mainstream ๐Ÿ˜œ

On the other hand, TLC's dramatic cuts + fake dubbed-over gooey noises make those ailments more terrifying/icky than they should be

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