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Been thinking about this issue of accessibility in live , especially with the increased prevalence in live streaming helping to narrow the gap for those with physical disabilities; now's a good time to reevaluate current practices and introduce measures to better accommodate such marginalized fans and increase the audience base

Just purely imagining: would it be better or worse to categorize competitive athletes by relevant hormonal levels (testosterone, estrogen, etc) than by "men/women"?

Some drama shenanigans currently ongoing surrounding a particular admin and an emerging Streisand effect 🍿

One thing I've noticed on TV programs is the greater prevalence of captions to subtitle the muffled speech of masked people

Not sure why some programmes don't just go all the way by subtitling the entire thing though; doesn't hurt to make the whole work accessible to those hard of hearing

Bottom line for vaccines: 1) efficacy rates can't be compared because not all the trials used for deducing these were conducted the same way, and 2) those rates aren't too useful anyway, since what matters most isn't completely preventing infection but preventing hospitalisation or death

Something for : Intriguant had an open call for remixes of his track "Your Love", and today released the compilation on ... Stoked that my remix got picked to be included in this 🀯

Clever trick of rendering modernized images of people based on old grayscale photos: instead of attempting direct restoration/colourisation, generate a modern image of someone loosely resembling the subject, then keep morphing that generated "sibling" until resemblance is achieved

Seems that the morphing causes some loss in detail (wrinkles/imperfections blended away) so the results look a tad too youthful, but still pretty impressive

Random TIL: a possible cause of frequent night peeing at older age, is a weakened circulatory system causing water retention in the legs due to gravity (hence very little daytime peeing); the moment the patient is sleeping, so lying down, that retained water flows back into the bladder πŸ’¦

It's starting to look ever more likely that the only way we'd get to experience the Olympics @ Tokyo is through the Mario & Sonic game

I think the amplified touch starvation in lots of people due to distancing measures in this pandemic, further highlights the gaping hole in tech that could transmit sensations (physical pressure, temperature, smell, etc) across distance without noticeable lag

Would be neat to actually feel hugs from faraway without your actual body making contact

It's weird to me that there're still adults that don't get that is mainly supposed to be an *aggregator* of info, and not meant to be a primary source itself

Does it feel like the 2020s are gonna be a decade of seeing long-neglected systems and outdated ideologies blowing up in people's faces

A bit of a bummer that due to 2020 being completely online for pandemic safety, some timekeeping traditions don't seem to be used this year... didn't see Miss Sweetie Poo in the 2020 ceremony

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Also, the related Ig Informal Lectures series changes up its own interesting timekeeping method each year

One year used an unfortunate volunteer who goes "ow!" after being (lightly) hit by a swatter on the minute, with # of hits on the minute = # of minutes elapsed, until the 5th final minute where she gets endlessly swatted and goes "ow" continuously until the speaker concludes

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