Few more days to the Crossroads performance that I'm part of @ VCH in ! Imagine blending with and a little pipe organ. Free concert, but you'd need to pre-register for tickets.

I've just put up my two tracks - "Starfield" and "Nocturne" - that were used in this performance, on my pretty fresh profile:

They don't have the live instrument bits from me + the erhu, but maybe a live version of the Crossroads performance could be planned in the future?

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For "Starfield" I kinda set it up to be a shift in tone compared to the preceding 4-on-the-floor tracks in the Crossroads set, being staggered/syncopated in rhythm + darker in tone. Named is as such because it's loosely inspired by another track I did long ago, which was itself space-inspired.

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"Nocturne" was imagined to be the final track of the entire set, the end (but not finality) of the musical journey. The most relaxed and jazzy of all the tracks, I tried to go for feelings of longing and wistfulness, but still made certain electronic elements clear in this.

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