"The UK is going to lead a mission to get an absolute measurement of the light reflected off Earth's surface.

The information will be used to calibrate the observations of other satellites, allowing their data to be compared more easily.

Called Truths, the new spacecraft was approved for development by European Space Agency member states in November."


@admin some irony there with Scaleaway not being able to scale up for large datasets

A little over 9 years since The Summoning... Who recognises this?

Pretty impressive during the first two rounds when some team manages to make that scary logical leap early before all clues are revealed, and get the answer correct; even more bonkers when just one clue was needed

Just getting into , which is strange considering my familiarity with other UK panel shows... and goodness this show is several levels above typical trivia quizzes, with the crazy amount of lateral thinking needed to supplement the vast general knowledge demanded

ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ @admin @angristan TAKE MY ENERGY ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀

Still kinda buzzing after Saturday's performance @ the Victoria Concert Hall in , a venue first for all of us musicians. Found out we got 400+ people over our two shows! Pretty great for raising the profile of NUS Electronic Lab.

Been fun working with erhu player Stephanie! Kudos to her for continuing to be a role model, and being willing to explore the idea of mixing with πŸ‘

Finally finished Type-0 HD yesterday, after many interspersed breaks in my playthrough. Story is kinda convoluted and a bit rushed towards the end, but it stands out as a pretty dark title with its themes on war and death.

Juggling between 14 playable characters three at a time is something different, but you do eventually fall into a few favourites. Not sure if I'd do another playthrough though, seeing my backlog of games... πŸ‘€

Few more days to the Crossroads performance that I'm part of @ VCH in ! Imagine blending with and a little pipe organ. Free concert, but you'd need to pre-register for tickets.


On my way to rehearsal for a fun collab gig in about a week's time: first time having a live instrumentalist - and an erhu at that - in this setup

Meanwhile I'm trying to think of my next release, or more likely dual-release: perhaps one "orderly" album that has a unifying vibe, and one "chaotic" album that remixes the former into diverse styles.

Hoping that 2020 is a year for me to actually get a job lol, but also a year for me to develop myself more seriously in , aiming for albums and stuff (maybe even more gigs?)

πŸŽ† cheers to 2020 hopefully not being too sucky 🍾

"The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?"

"The same procedure as every year, James!"


The small problem of taking this year as "the last of this decade", is that if we work backwards through past decades like this, the years 1 BCE to 9 CE are a decade because there is no year 0

One of the few TED talks that stuck with me: the very fact that people cheered after uttering the term "multipotentialite" showed how much they resonated with the idea of seriously pursuing multiple interests, rather than sticking to just one speciality


Wonder how they'll implement this simultaneous performance in the club and in the virtual space: will they be two distinct spaces only connected through the common ? Or would the two spaces interact? (I imagine probably the former, but the latter is cooler)


Interesting application of : completing an unfinished work of 's by learning his previous compositions, in a concerted collaboration between programmers and musicologists

Would be neat if we could extend this to other unfinished projects of various eras


English interview with renowned Japanese girl group Perfume on their relationship with technology, the feminity in their art, and the members' years-long relationship with each other

(Not sure if the label "J-Pop" fits them? They're more electro-pop really?)


Been keeping a eye on Media Molecule's Dreams - an ambitious PS4 game engine - for a long time now, and finally stoked to see a release date of 2020-02-14

Those familiar with the LittleBigPlanet franchise can see Dreams as the advanced evolution of that in many aspects


@albatoss played around with that quite a lot with my DS years back; probably influenced my inclination towards music-making

Wish there were a desktop client equivalent that could do like multiple concurrent instances running different "scenes" and wire up to DAWs

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