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"Just be yourself" ≈ "Just exhibit personality traits and interests that generally don't oppose the cultural climate too much"

I'm sure quite a few aspects of my "self", if not obscured or censored well, would drive away a good number of folks. I find the ones who like to tout about "being yourself" have really narrow views of the world and humanity.

Pretty comprehensive half-hour on , from the Satanic Panic to the online renaissance, exploring its appeal and its various subcommunities started around certain games

So I'm officially graduating with a B.Sc., and nervously waiting for my ceremony in a few hours tonight 🎓🎊

While this marks my surviving 4 years of applied in , it's also where I chanced upon this club, and intensified this lurking desire to produce and perform my own ; "btcprox" as the music artist probably wouldn't exist today

So I'm grateful to my uni for enlightening both paths of music and maths to me 🙇

Waiting to hear the fruits of labour from the latest @awhaleslantern iteration 🎵🖼️

Kinda itching to get back on Live and just mess around with some ideas... Something to look forward to once I'm done with my last exam today I guess

"An event series known for giving out free can be a metaphor for an aim to support a developing local industry. But can partying and overloading oneself with sumptuous strips of bacon and ear candy do it?"

It's bothering me a little that the "Nobody: " part of that meme implies that "nobody said nothing" and it should really be "Everyone else: " for the intended meaning

One idea I've learnt from the past few years of immersing in maths (+ some stats) is that "not giving a definite answer" can be a valid answer. Saying "I don't know" or "I can't be sure" isn't necessarily a sign of weakness, if you are confident in your lack of evidence to make a well-informed evaluation.

Thinking about it, Taoists were asking people "do you know da wae" long before Ugandan Knuckles

This is bonkers how have I not heard of Kikuo before

This track is like some electro mystic gamelan magic

@btcprox @awhaleslantern Or if anyone wants to suggest a portrait to base some music around, it's not too late (i.e., some of us have no ideas yet).

Since the theme of the latest @awhaleslantern (which I'm sadly too busy for) is "Portraits", I think it'll be neat if did portraits inspired by each of the finished tracks in the album

A pretty good opportunity for + to come together

"The world’s largest grassroots movement for the #environment returns with an electrifying festival of music, art, food and lifestyle.

#EarthHour 2019 (29-31 March) aims to rally the local community and build a city that comes together as Conscious Citizens to drive major change For #Nature."

#Singapore #WWF

" is a light-hearted children's game series about adventuring with your favourite Disney characters through familiar worlds"

O k a y I b e l i e v e y o u

Found a few comments on other alternative platforms sharing concerns about 's federated structure

A common point: the federation sees instances created for users with common interests/ideology, possibly setting precedent for even tighter echo chambers + aggressive behavior between instances over ideology clashes


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