Just started playing ... 15 minutes in. I know know full heartedly why everyone hates (ElectronicArts) mstdn.io/media/_ABKgf6cEe2VHHl

Finally bit the halfway done with deploying new printers. Did three canon VarioPrint DP115 MFDs today. 115 pages a minute! Insane to watch.


When your wife is tired of you being cranky from stress at work and you want a burger and good fries.

When you bring reports of network outage to higher levels but don't want to fix it yourself.
(For the record only beat the emergency call by seconds) mstdn.io/media/WojmjxAZ7ZfR302

When your work finally slows down enough you can clean up your cube. Yes I gave up on cable management though. mstdn.io/media/4-UjPibalkt_Nf0

When you forget about your VPS and go run 4 months worth of updates. But hey had some good uptime if it wasn't for kerenl upgrades. mstdn.io/media/PQIIce1kuNNZaGr

So... Anyone else see that has been trending higher and higher? Ya'll dirty freaks and ya'll need Jesus mstdn.io/media/Gtj9NcdQPjUgg4u

Well... That's just fantastic... Looks like it's time to move to my spare ssd... I'm so happy is so flexible. mstdn.io/media/aczGfwTV2-QVFWP

Made some lunches for the upcoming weeks. Had to eat one before freezing. Taste good considering it's only half bad for ya' . Should be good for those I can't make it home for lunch.

mstdn.io/media/ffn347DTI31qS4Q mstdn.io/media/GdiF5ryi5Cb-HsY

I ditched the celery and added more frozen veggies because I didn't have any.


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