Isn't it weird how "common sense" isn't that common at all? 😂

I think I might have gotten the IT director in a K-12 district to start the process of getting kids onto a mastodon/friendica instance of our creating to teach them how to use social media to learn how to use it safely. (cc @Gargron )

@fribbledom I'm not an asshole... I am blunt object hitting you with facts. I will try and be discreet about it but understand I will not waste time sugar coating something for a grown adult.

At the same time I prefer people to be blunt/brief with me. I get it can seem "rude" but it also saves time and energy.

@fribbledom how about -hide-docker -hide-snap options as well?

I would change it to -hide=arg or -only=arg

It looks awesome though, way cleaner then df!

About this whole isolation thing... I have lost the sense of what day today is. I no longer know when work starts or ends. When will end.

Well..... Just got my first mechanical keyboard.... ... it just feels so good to type. This is only a cheapo one off amazon. I did go for a one with brown switches and this is even louder then I was expecting but not to bad.

Well. Guess who doesn't have to work on Thursday! Guess who doesn't get paid for Thursday! Same guy, me. Thanks Doug Ducey (Dooshie) for not meeting with education about their disgraceful funding.

It sucks because we are on a huge project that we need to get done but we can't do it without people there.

78% of educators in my state voted for the walk out because the governor refuses to meet with the education union.

@angristan maybe just get into aws and scale it as needed. My home server needs a clean install and I'm avoiding it because I have too much configured. That and I'm too lazy to re-install everything.

Oh, snap... I just found GOLD

An old PBS show that I actually really enjoyed watching as a kid late at night when I couldn't sleep.

@walfie "Read Only Friday" read news and information from the week that you missed because everything was to busy being on fire. You need to stay up to date on things happening in your field of work.

@admin @angristan not acceptable... You need "yes it's down, I'm running updates. Go have a drink, do some sit ups."

@[email protected] What phone? Ive never had that issue on my OG Pixel XL, either one actually. (Work and personal OG Pixel XLs) I have used wired and Bluetooth.

@feoh 3 words, back it up. I had to re rip media before. It sucks, downloading an off site backup just takes time. I stash an external at work, then another as a warm backup plus live.

That being said optimization for compression is key to get the most. I drop all my audio to stereo because I only have a sound bar.

Anyone use for home? I want my server to respond to web hooks.

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