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Have I tooted that I love my job yet. It may pay less then industry but I get to play with things that industry has to fight for. Things like all in the sake of cutting edge

Oh your mac is kernel panicking? Have you tried out VDI? Oh look what you need to do on a windows box with more CPU power then the mac and it doesn't matter what computer you log on from, your desktop will be the same. FTW!

That moment when you trim down the spreadsheet and hide your formula columns...

Now I need to figure out how to mark the row green when my status column says done. ( in particular)

BTW my setup is one chromebook and 2 external monitors plus a macbook. For those wondering (Chrome > Mac)

When your work finally slows down enough you can clean up your cube. Yes I gave up on cable management though.

When you forget about your VPS and go run 4 months worth of updates. But hey had some good uptime if it wasn't for kerenl upgrades.

So... Anyone else see that has been trending higher and higher? Ya'll dirty freaks and ya'll need Jesus

Its a pretty good feeling when all your pants now require a belt. Feels good to finally be loosing some weight.

P.S. I miss Dr. Pepper...

Are there any or enthusiasts on here? Any hunters either, I love that movement?

@angristan I just want to know a little bit about the admin side of mstdn. Can an instance be ran without federation. Then later that user info be migrated to another server that is federated to add to other users on that server? IE I have an idea to bring social media edicate to the classroom and want teachers to give students free reign to do but the teacher can see the local timeline to check on students. Can you also add other admins to an instance so they could delete posts?

Sticker Mule have apologized thoroughly. It was apparently an engineering error in multiple instances, from letting me add a clear cut sticker in the first place, to sending out shipping notices when they actually intended to cancel orders. They have restored our sticker, this time as a die cut with white border:

Also, I will still receive 100 items of the clear cut stickers I originally ordered.

Well... That's just fantastic... Looks like it's time to move to my spare ssd... I'm so happy is so flexible.

Well this should be fun...

Addition count 41 src: 56.37GB Proceed with the changes? [Y/n]:y 680287003 / 60524401548 [>---------------------------------------] 1.12% 11h53m8s
Syncing my optimized movies to ... And this optimization isn't even done yet either. My poor server, and internet connection.

Where do you want feature request?

Search for tags from the search, not just users.

We need a setting to filter out languages... IE I wanna filter out Japanese... I can't read it and I doubt anyone one wants to take the time to teach me...

▪English : ok
▪French : ok
▪Japanese : I should have taken some lessons. Totally lost in the Federal TL

Made some lunches for the upcoming weeks. Had to eat one before freezing. Taste good considering it's only half bad for ya' . Should be good for those I can't make it home for lunch.
I ditched the celery and added more frozen veggies because I didn't have any.

Who else is excited for the new album? On a related note, anyone know if artwork is out showcasing Noodle when she plays the record in ?

Well thanks Livestream, you just screwed up the stream. Thanks for all the buffering. I guess that's the system admin life.

Doing Ice Cream Factory! A live stream to connect thousands of students to teach how we go from milk to ice cream. Will be exciting when VR comes to the classroom for a similar application.

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