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For those that post often of social media how do you do it? I have tried but I can't stop this feeling of 'meh' about all forms of social media when it comes to sharing. I have no issue checking and reading links and stories posted. So how do you get in the mind set that this information could be useful to someone else, or entertain someone else?

Just started playing ... 15 minutes in. I know know full heartedly why everyone hates (ElectronicArts)

Finally bit the halfway done with deploying new printers. Did three canon VarioPrint DP115 MFDs today. 115 pages a minute! Insane to watch.

Day four of four tens. 177 Multi-function printers deployed. Not even just past noon with 6k steps done. Anyone got some ice for me feet?

I have only been using the mobile version of the site on android after I added it to my home screen. Android turns it into app, the only thing it lacks is swiping between tabs.

Just put in an actually DVD. Now I remember why I only do digital format now. They put unskippable ads at the start of it.

I just survived 2 hours of meetings that could have been a couple of emails.

Well it looks like a sleepless night for me. Not sure if insomnia or stress.

Browsing Reddit... See people posting about stuff they have no knowledge of and giving poor advice. My insult of the week, "Go educate yourself."

I think might last longer then a week... Yeah, yeah it will.

Go Educate Yourself. haha... *Sigh* society is screwed.

Going home from work with ~2k steps, doing an elliptical for 1.5hr. Only eating one portion is really paying off. Down 10+ pounds now. I really just feel better all around. I'm happy I've been able to stick to it.

Well today at work, ~42/~40000 users authorized the 'Google Doc' exploit. I must say that is a good social engineering attack. had they put more effort I to the body of the email I feel they could have doubled their spread. I only got 8 emails in my inbox from it.

Is there a way (or has this feature request at least been made) to filter by language?

I speak/read a few languages but I'm getting a ton that I don't, and I'd love to select the languages I want to see and have the rest hidden from my feeds.

I am .4lb from loosing 10 pounds. Its a good feeling, I feel like I can breath better. I am sad that I weighed heavier then ever but glad I am on the downhill. The only thing I had to give up was my daily 44oz Dr. Pepperand the second helping of dinner.

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