fedi culture is like uwu I'm a femboy catboy it would be terrible if you bondaged me 🥺 please use PGP to encrypt any messages to my personal e-mail (that I selfhost btw)

I need a "gone fishing" sign but instead it reads "remembered minecraft exists"

im actually quite happy with life atm, got my new apartment, starting a new major in september, doing way better mentally and am trying to do more exercising and what not. Life is swell.

Ayyy! I've wanted something like this for years and the price to performance is actually quite good considering other gaming handhelds are way pricier with way worse specs. Valve fulfilling the itch the Switch isnt quite scratching

once again i am going to gloat about how my hime-dere petty bitch instincts have led me down the right path:

of course i'm wearing my mask still, despite being vaccinated.

i paid good money to get super pretty masks. it's part of the outfit planning now

suddenly have soaring neck and back pain, its like muscles are tense. its awful. i think im gonna lie down. I'm moving tomorrow so, maybe its just subconcious stress?

Today was an alright day, seems im finally gonna be moving out of my parents place this weekend. So thats cool.

More than 60 countries in the world annually celebrate getting rid of the
-Deckapuss, Jan 2016

i think its cuter to say birdsite rather than twitter

been watching a lot of math videos and it everything i ever hear about science, math, physics or the nature of the universe seem to further my belief that the universe in all of its complexity and systems is the divine, a pantheist heresy to be sure but its the closest thing that makes sense to me at least

im a moron i was trying all day to sign into mastodon but i was on the wrong instance lmao. big brain

Man I havent been here in ages. Got sucked into birdsite but the spell has been broken and im back

No Man's Sky becoming good eventually did a lot of damage to the game industry as companies saw that and realized they dont have to finish games before they charge money and they all delude themselves into thinking their half finished corpses can be jumpstarted post-launch

was fun. had some snacks. mario golf, miitopia and some of the rpgs like legend of mana and triangle strategy look fun. people once again mad at it online but then again when are people not mad online?

no person thinks of a water pistol 🔫 when they hear the word "gun"

no matter your gun stance, corporate language/communication manipulation is disturbing

if a dictionary redefined uncomfortable words it'd be a scandal, but when tech does it, it's just accepted or forgotten

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