No Man's Sky becoming good eventually did a lot of damage to the game industry as companies saw that and realized they dont have to finish games before they charge money and they all delude themselves into thinking their half finished corpses can be jumpstarted post-launch

was fun. had some snacks. mario golf, miitopia and some of the rpgs like legend of mana and triangle strategy look fun. people once again mad at it online but then again when are people not mad online?

no person thinks of a water pistol 🔫 when they hear the word "gun"

no matter your gun stance, corporate language/communication manipulation is disturbing

if a dictionary redefined uncomfortable words it'd be a scandal, but when tech does it, it's just accepted or forgotten

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Lots of un-CW’d politics going on.

Please be considerate of others. I know there is a lot going on that needs attention, but people need to have their own wellbeing considered as well. Otherwise we’re just harming the same people we’re trying to protect.

I hate the pandemic and i hate the fact that i am mentally unable to just properly function as a human being with an institutional obligation to appear at a certain time at a certain place and i think our modern education system really did not prepare humans for remote work/freelancing/online classes :/

life is worth living for sure, life is wonderful but theres several annoyances to modern life. Not that i would want to go back in the past like if i exist in the 1700s im dead at 18 probably some dumbass war or famine but idk, life is complex and bothersome and im grumbly

"Oh its not like im addicted to social media like some people" wow past!me what fascinating insight but may i remind you that you get angry when theres nothing new on birdsite/mastodon/youtube/etc and your mood goes downhill. Hmm...maybe that's addiction past!me who knows, im not a therapist

had to re-setup my web server because i fucked things up, should be fine now

"Here's everyone who will be appearing in James Cameron's Avatar 2, like buddy i don't think any living person is excited for these Avatar sequel like more than a decade later. Unless of course you're a Disney executive then you are excited

That trailer where the Animaniacs are talking about how "reboots are only for sellout and then they are in their hulu merch" just kill me now like i hate this "haha we are so selfaware" humor like its just training people for corporate bootlicking

the amount of videos where people are advocating getting the latest google pixel even though its only recently that the last one came out or the new nvidia cards or the latest tech like they are interesting but its such a waste, no one needs a new phone every 11 months

I'm not sure if i made this clear or not before on this account but i hate corporations

It's odd how many linux youtubers turn out to be alt-right but i suppose linux does draw people with superiority complexes to them so i guess it makes sense

Yung gravy looks like a meme of a rapper but his music actually slaps

"Spider-man 2" may refer to

Spider-man Strikes Back (1977)
Spider-man 2 (2004)
The Amazing Spider-man 2 (2014)
Spider-man: Far From Home (2019)
Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse 2 (2022)


The fact that there's been no marvel movies this year has been refreshing. The market saturation was choking my interest in it. Just how between 2016 and 2018 I stopped watching them and came back with refreshed interest. I think Disney doesn't realise that 3 mcu movies a year is insanity

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