ah, time to be angry at nintendo again 

so, nintendo put out a trailer today announcing they're localizing the very first fire emblem game for english releases

sounds cool right? it's a seperate purchase sure, instead of coming with NES online, but it's a cheap purchase so i can forgive that. it has it's upsides too, so yeah.

but it's a limited fucking time release again. the eshop page at the bottom says as much.

and y'know what's worse? there's no fucking point to having this be limited release, because they already did a localization port for the DS. what the actual fuck is going on with nintendo, are they really trying to take the shittiest consumer practices crown away from the likes of EA and Activision?


@EeveeEuphoria Seems nintendo really likes he limited release? not sure why its all going in like march next year. Do they have some weird plan for march? Also given that EA has commercials and lootboxes in their games they'd have to do a lot to dethrone EA still im baffled, if its not due to some grand plan in march then this all comes off as pointless scarcity

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@cadenceofhyrule there isn't a grand plan, what you think they actually have a plan with all this besides make money?

the whole point is artificial scarcity, they've been doing this shit since the Wii. it's just now they're doing it to digital releases.

@EeveeEuphoria thats what i mean its strange because at least before they were like at least subtle about it. "woopsie we had no idea our popular product would be popular teehee" but to put artificial dates on them its...strange. It's neat that they are localizing fire emblem but like idk its more like :/ interesting that its not on the NES online app making it more like the virtual console thing

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