@EeveeEuphoria I mean thats more than fair they are pretty shitty. Like i am personally not a fan of EA, Ubisoft or 2K Games so i tend to not give them my money even if a game looks good i'll just not buy them. Nintendo people say at least makes good games but thats subjective as hell and they are a corporations first and foremost so

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@cadenceofhyrule yeah, the thing is with nintendo not everything they do is a monsterous garbage fire, they do make games that are legitimately good and don't have any hidden bullshit or whatnot.

it's just that this is becoming more and more of a thing, in which if this becomes standard for them, i just can't feel morally right supporting them, no matter how good their games are.

them slapping $60 on re-releases of wii u games that didn't even sell for $60 at launch was just the tip of the iceberg.

@EeveeEuphoria Again "they make games that are good" is a subjective thing.Some claim they haven't made good games since the 90s. It's all subjective and given there's not anything good about them it becomes tricky. Just buying a game on switch both physically and digitally gives money to nintendo as they get a cut so its difficult to cut them off without moving to other platforms

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