ah, time to be angry at nintendo again 

so, nintendo put out a trailer today announcing they're localizing the very first fire emblem game for english releases

sounds cool right? it's a seperate purchase sure, instead of coming with NES online, but it's a cheap purchase so i can forgive that. it has it's upsides too, so yeah.

but it's a limited fucking time release again. the eshop page at the bottom says as much.

and y'know what's worse? there's no fucking point to having this be limited release, because they already did a localization port for the DS. what the actual fuck is going on with nintendo, are they really trying to take the shittiest consumer practices crown away from the likes of EA and Activision?

i only get more angry at nintendo, some caps 


this fire emblem game is not only already available on switch in japan, but it's also on their famicom online service! ergo, they most likely won't pull it.


i only get more angry at nintendo, some caps 

@EeveeEuphoria nintendo stop being shitty and actually make a new damn game challenge


@hoppet @EeveeEuphoria you're expecting nintendo to make new games that would require effort and thought

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