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@Aleums don't have the right plugin for that :/ ordered an adapter to play FLAC genders

@EeveeEuphoria Again "they make games that are good" is a subjective thing.Some claim they haven't made good games since the 90s. It's all subjective and given there's not anything good about them it becomes tricky. Just buying a game on switch both physically and digitally gives money to nintendo as they get a cut so its difficult to cut them off without moving to other platforms

@EeveeEuphoria I mean thats more than fair they are pretty shitty. Like i am personally not a fan of EA, Ubisoft or 2K Games so i tend to not give them my money even if a game looks good i'll just not buy them. Nintendo people say at least makes good games but thats subjective as hell and they are a corporations first and foremost so

@EeveeEuphoria thats what i mean its strange because at least before they were like at least subtle about it. "woopsie we had no idea our popular product would be popular teehee" but to put artificial dates on them its...strange. It's neat that they are localizing fire emblem but like idk its more like :/ interesting that its not on the NES online app making it more like the virtual console thing

@EeveeEuphoria Seems nintendo really likes he limited release? not sure why its all going in like march next year. Do they have some weird plan for march? Also given that EA has commercials and lootboxes in their games they'd have to do a lot to dethrone EA still im baffled, if its not due to some grand plan in march then this all comes off as pointless scarcity

@jeder my point exactly. their market share has been dwindling in recent months which is disconcerting but they did it to themselves imo

@jeder i mean mozilla has been getting that google money for ages now to have it be the default search so...

"Here's everyone who will be appearing in James Cameron's Avatar 2, like buddy i don't think any living person is excited for these Avatar sequel like more than a decade later. Unless of course you're a Disney executive then you are excited

That trailer where the Animaniacs are talking about how "reboots are only for sellout and then they are in their hulu merch" just kill me now like i hate this "haha we are so selfaware" humor like its just training people for corporate bootlicking

the amount of videos where people are advocating getting the latest google pixel even though its only recently that the last one came out or the new nvidia cards or the latest tech like they are interesting but its such a waste, no one needs a new phone every 11 months

I'm not sure if i made this clear or not before on this account but i hate corporations

It's odd how many linux youtubers turn out to be alt-right but i suppose linux does draw people with superiority complexes to them so i guess it makes sense

Yung gravy looks like a meme of a rapper but his music actually slaps

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