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I'm growing increasingly weary of corporations just as a concept. Let's go back to isolationist gold based barter system

It's messed up how people were making fun of Chadwick's appearance like 4 months ago. Always be kind people you never know what people are going through

So according to people nintendo is doing something this week but nobody knows what so im gonna guess its like partner showcase or they are giving us gameboy games for the switch online thing idk

It's honestly mindboggling that people care whether or not Nintendo only puts out 4 games a year instead of like 12. Like do people not have enough to play? Or do they just want to be angry at a company for not giving them that dopamine rush that comes with announcements.

Who in the hell at Netflix listened to the pitch for "Cuties" and thought it was a good idea and why aren't they on some sort of government watchlist?

>youtube channel
>dude talks about masculinity and society
>praises tribalism

like dude just ... just no... tribalism is poison

im super tired but this was a productive day, i have yet to find my journal i feel like ive misplaced it. super proud of the website and will continue tomorrow.

ok the rss feed is supposed to do that its just the way the rss feed works. oh well its the best i can muster right now and its good enough.

i found a better blog program so im gonna use that, its super simple and generates rss the way i want c:

i'm super proud of how this turned out i'm learning a lot c:

I even found a simple blog generator to use with my server via CLI. Generates the pages and rss feed and everything.

Everything is simplistic i love it c:

I changed my website. I'm actually really happy with it. I want to start posting lists of my fave games and movies and stuff.

Rationalism and Empiricism are both wrong. Your senses are fickle your body is at the whims of the brain at worst and being able to feel or see is interpretation of the brain and rationalism is wrong because the brain is fickle. The brain makes up things to fill the gaps to explain past actions. Memories and neurotransmitters can be deceived and bypassed. So you cant rely on your body or brain. What's left? The soul? That's at least one conclusion that can be drawn.

I'm really obsessed with RSS. Like I've stopped using most social media aside from Mastodon every reddit, every twitter account i like, every youtube channel, every blog and so forth is just rss feed.

The existance of Nitter and Invidious is something ive known about for a month now and its still blowing my mind. I feel like my eyes are open to how terrible twitter and youtube are. I wonder if theres a site like nitter for reddit.

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