I’ve been excited about this for the better half of the day:

The ancient Persian way to keep cool


@codewiz No. I don’t generate all my own needs in these latitudes on a small semi-detached home. I buy the residual needs from Wind and Solar installing supplier so I purchase 100% renewable electricity whilst supporting the addition of new generating capacity via the profits from my account. I stopped using natural gas and installed an air-source heat pump. So 100% renewable electricity powered home. I have generated over 26 MWh of electricity since they were installed however.

Finishing this little short story anthology for the magazine. Generated mock-ups aside, anthologies are harder to achieve than they look. Not impossible though.

Bought a book before Christmas. Seemingly forgotten blog I follow came to life and recommended it. First five pages are alright, I should probably read it!

Reducing my personal website to the absolute minimum. I find it funny, the way you try to shave off the clutter with the advance of the years. Still, I am stubbornly preserving my "blogroll". It's an outdated thing, and many people get rid of it sooner or later, but I like it.

Once in SF, I'm renting this Tesla Model Y for a week 🤩

Yes! It does have the "full" self-driving beta software 😱

Did I mention Amazon's support removed the Special Offers from my trusty Kindle Paperwhite 3? Long story short, it wasn't possible to pay and remove them myself due to regional bullshit. Love the generic wallpapers. So simple, yet long denied.

I am trying to think of something positive. Like cat whiskers, or high-velocity Quake 1 on 1, or an overnight train journey, or you find yourself in an unfamiliar coast town but you smell the sea from just a few streets away and you don't feel lost.

Sleeping for 10 hours helps. I found this after I skipped the previous night with only one hour of sleep waking up from a nightmare.

Since 1996, I am constantly aware I am way overdue with a couple of library books. Feelings of guilt grown out of proportions.

Why do you use LibreOffice? Perhaps because it's free and open source software, or because it runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. Maybe it's because it opens 150+ types of document: youtube.com/watch?v=wGkKq3f9ap – Or possibly because you want privacy and control over your data. Tell us!

2.92 is out with a ton of new features! 🤩

Also, it's a PeerTube instance that can stream a video just fine without buffering. It's possible! :troll:

Jordan Peterson's early life is basically the origin story of The Scarecrow from Batman according to his official biography 😂

I am having terrible dreams of simple happiness that could never come through.

It was the doubt that what I felt was real and not a delusion.

Making promo posters for the weekly sales we throw out at the publishing house. 7 books each week, a book a day. I am trying everything I could think of like there's no tomorrow, and I love it. But I love Pixabay.com the most.

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