"I like running against people who are weak mentally." I have no pity for bullies like Trump. You f'em up as soon as you spot them. Otherwise they cause only problems for everyone.

Steve Martin always puts a smile on my face when I see him playing the banjo --> Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - "So Familiar" (Official Video) - YouTube

I love this article about the Bulgarians' ethnic makeup. When not written by a Bulgarian, it doesn't make me cringe. Although I always find the word "empire" a bit strange. I suppose you could call it that way. --> Bulgar | Britannica britannica.com/topic/Bulgar

So far, I am enjoying Outer Wilds, but I am itching to watch some reviews.

Коварный план сотовых операторов

Did a Spotify audio advertisement just address me by name? What is this? Some kind of witchcraft?

I love NHK's reporting style: "Akihiko Mikami [president of the operating company] said the trains are just not supposed to run in reverse."

Driverless train reverses, injures 14 in Yokohama | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

I've always preferred KDE, but mathematics professor talking on Euronews while an desktop quietly awaits behind him still equals exciting even after all these years.

Honey, If You Ever Have Any Questions About Sex, You Can Always Consult The Hundreds Of Pages Of Fan Fiction In My Closet theonion.com/honey-if-you-ever #vol55issue22 #opinion

I went to the annual Spring Book Bazaar at the National Palace of Culture. Suddenly they left me selling books, and this here, folks, is my small domain until 5 pm. Find me at Stand #342 and let's chat about books.

Люцкан гори в червени пламъци. По-е-ма.

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