James Gunn Makes First Statement Following 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' Re-Hiring #space #astronomy #news https://social.oalm.gub.uy/url/412293

Бай Дъ Хост 😂 Пак е по-добре от Чушков.

Some downtime in the next few hours, more and more database data is getting corrupted so we're moving servers

I think it's time to watch again Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

I am speaking with fellow writer, editor, and translator Vladimir Poleganov on the Host/Gost Podcast (ep. 6). Lend us your ears, especially if you don't understand a word in Bulgarian, and try to guess what we are talking about. Hint: at one point we make fun of Elon Musk: trubadurs.com/2019/03/19/host-

About the pepper spray incident in Bulgaria. The police tried to spray a hundred or so "yellow vests" demanding national referendum over changing the policy decisions model in Bulgaria from representative democracy into direct democracy. Basically, it was a real life Facebook style "debate."

I've added a Google Analytics warning on our magazine's website. Go on, let your epic online life be remembered forever in a database somewhere out there, or smash that Opt-Out right now: trubadurs.com/

So... 7 out of 10. Quite decent military SF. I gave it an 8 because of the unfair overall rating. Wing Commander (1999) - IMDb


TIL: The word "Gewalt". Just because it's in more than one headline on Euronews Deutsch.

I just spotted a flat-earther explaining that the number 14 triggers sleeper cells.

Creative writing classes and degrees are okay, but please don't tell me you've had any of that before I read your short story or novel. Then all I'm thinking is, "Oh, I see what you did there." Personally, if you absolutely feel the need to recommend yourself, I am more responsive to "I read a lot." When it shows, it's a good thing.

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