I somewhat like the image of John Lennon sitting on this table by the window in The Mampei Hotel, drinking Royal Milk Tea, the recipe of which he taught the hotel staff himself.


Why alien 'megastructures' may hold key to making contact with extraterrestrials

Looking for evidence of Dyson spheres might be more fruitful than listening for radio transmissions.


Gene Wolfe, 'magnificent' giant of science fiction, dies aged 87

Hailed by authors from George RR Martin to Neil Gaiman, Wolfe was most known for his magnum opus The Book of the New Sun


I am cooking Moussaka for my parents. The Bulgarian Bulgarian Bulgarian variation from the Sofia Sofia Sofia region.


Do you want see a random street in Sofia, Bulgaria? I love this city when it's sunny and I am carefree.

So... 7 out of 10. Quite decent military SF. I gave it an 8 because of the unfair overall rating. Wing Commander (1999) - IMDb


Anguish (1876-1878, August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck). From Wikipedia's Picture of the Year 2018 vote, round 2 commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Com

Дълго е за обяснение. Едва оцелях.


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