I just realised I haven't bothered for almost two years to update the shitty laptop with 16.10 that I use as a streaming relay on my internal network. It's amazing how well it does its job.

And then I saw in which place is the good ol' Bulgaria (don't bother, 111) -- U.S. Downgraded In World Press Freedom Index By Reporters Without Borders : NPR


«Бычок-дристунок» - это псковская народная сказка. Она была записана в ходе фольклорной экспедиции псковских филологов в 1983 году в Куньинском районе и вошла в сборник «Сказки Псковской области», опубликованный небольшим тиражом в 2004 году.

Btw, downloads are available in the development version if any of you would like to beta test the feature and share ideas for improvements.

Gene Wolfe, 'magnificent' giant of science fiction, dies aged 87

Hailed by authors from George RR Martin to Neil Gaiman, Wolfe was most known for his magnum opus The Book of the New Sun


Notre-Dame cathedral is not gone. Imagine the following. Some two or three thousand years from now, a man or a woman will walk past it, enjoying Paris and Earth in the last few days they have before they get in orbit on their scheduled ways to Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn or one of the nearby star systems. By then, the cathedral will be so much older and more beautiful than it ever was. And it might even wait for them at exactly the same place when they get back.


A Short Grammar of the Bulgarian Language: With Reading Lessons by Morfill, William Richard, 1834-1909 - Internet Archive

Publication date: 1897
Usage: Public Domain Mark 1.0


was down and it's not a big deal, except that... I really had to chat with a couple of friends/colleagues. Recently, Skype is almost deserted. People have forgotten about Google Hangouts, I effing dislike Twitter for some reason, and I actively avoid it. I don't have Instagram, Telegram is almost unknown. I wouldn't install Viber even if you paid me, don't know why. Both persons didn't answer their phones. Next time around, please register on Mastodon and let's chat!

This is when my life choice in freelancing repays once again. Game of Thrones world premiere at 4 am. The governor will be pleased if I show up late for work on Monday.

I watched three times in a row the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. It is awesome. I am still devastated that they killed off Han in front of my eyes. It felt like mugging gone wrong, and not at all like an honorable death by the hand of a truly evil villain.

Подкастът директно на запис от редакцията на издателство „Плеяда“ - Хост/Гост: Димитър Стоянов-Димо и Весела Прошкова – Сборище на трубадури

Side boosters landing's orchestration is pure joy to watch (27:27).

SpaceX - Arabsat-6A Mission

Something had to go, so I had to decline translating a book on calligraphy. It was not an easy decision and the client wasn't happy. But they will be when someone else translates the book on schedule.

The interview for the podcast episode next week fell through. I am running late on everything. Something has to go.

Кражбата на един сън, от Стефан Георгиев (разказ) | Сборище на трубадури

**Brexit: Was, wenn es knallt?**

"Ein Brexit ohne Vertrag erscheint vielen Beobachtern derzeit weitaus wahrscheinlicher als ein geregelter Austritt. Was bedeutet das für Betroffene, für Kranke, für Banker, für Kunden am Käsestand oder für die Tiere?"


#nachrichten #bot

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