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So apparently there is a boatload of public domain (according to the USA) books no one knew about... Seems right down your alley, no?

And they even made a bot that is slowly tooting its way through the works! :D

@admin He would never

Achieved all the Gamer Score achievements in AC: Origins. But there are still things a lot of to do in the game. Same with AC: Unity. Both games, DLCs included, are a massive undertaking. Surprisingly, Unity has taken me 147 hours, vs. Origins where I've spent jacked-in "only" 119 hours.

Подкаст: Хост/Гост #10 - Ина Вълчанова - YouTube

Хост/Гост: Ина Вълчанова – Сборище на трубадури

I love the fact that I have the Kindle. Having the Kindle on the Amazon's network -- that I pretty much came to hate for a number of reasons.

Yeah, like shielding me from Hitler's social network would've stopped him and his chums. Shielding Hitler from scrutiny, it might. This is some high level bullshit -- harassing an admin who's not actively filtering the information I see because supposedly I need less of it to make sound decisions. I support @angristan

@darckcrystale I'm with angristan on this one. Censorship isn't the answer. That's like your ISP deciding which websites you're allowed to see. Also it's not like he's preventing anyone from blocking the instance if they want to.

A random Mickey Mouse cartoon on a Sunday morning? Go on, u deserve it:

I feel like I am not wasting my time on Earth gaming. I could be wrong though.

classic and rare vines to watch when you lose your will to live - YouTube

I've always used ePUB-capable e-readers, but it turns out I have more than 500 e-books in my Amazon library. Since my crappy Nook STG died, reading on tablets is torture, so... well, the Paperwhite 2015 is quite nice. Thank God for Calibre. Sorted everything out in no time and planning on using the new reader only for trashy reading pleasures

@codewiz The fourth one. Because it's all about that bunny and its previous moments in life.

Happy 23rd Birthday @[email protected] stable 🎂 On this day in 1996, Debian 1.1 "Buzz" was released 🍾 It included Linux kernel 2.0 and 474 software packages! Here at @[email protected] we wish the Debian project many continued years of success! Looking forward to Buster 🐕

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