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My Casual Saturday engagement, among other important things.

I've seen my fair share of insanely moronic Eastern European wannabe dictators, and I gotta tell you, the US voters topped everything I believed possible.

On my cable service, NHK World is completely blank for two months now. When I asked the support about it, the guy suggested "turning the set-top box off and on again." 15 years a client, and then, suddenly, clowns are providing my Internet/Cable TV.

Remember: when you launch a grenade, you launch a dream:

Adopt Child Soldier Commercial

Obi-Wan always cleaning someone else's mess up.

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul

And this on top of the mass exodus in the recent years of young Bulgarian doctors seeking work in richer countries. This is a disaster no one can stop:

85 resignations at Second City Hospital

The InternetArchive blog post about history, mythology, games and other educational offerings for the kids unable to go to school due to the ongoing issues.

For the life of me, I could never remember the Kindle model I have when Amazon releases a new, largely pointless software update. It's "Kindle Paperwhite G090G1 (2015) (Kindle 7th Gen) (Kindle Paperwhite 3) (WiFi)," damn it.

@tagomago My main source of political news is comedians: Seth Meyers, Noah Trevor, John Oliver, Jonathan Pie... 😂

Neil Gaiman Talks Dreamily About Fountain Pens, Notebooks & His Writing Process in His Long Interview with Tim Ferriss

Suddenly keeping tiny databases for personal use (tracking books, links, etc) got a lot easier via RECUTILS! :D

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