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Към 24-часовата програма на радио „Сборище на трубадури“ добавих и IRL, подкаста на Мозила:

IRL Podcast: TL;DR: "We have access to more things to read than ever before. Too much, in fact. We skim a lot. We look for full stories baked into headlines. Some of us can no longer concentrate on a book—no matter how good it might be."

#FridayForFuture Demo hier in Lübeck, schon geil wieviele junge Menschen sich trotz des Scheiß Wetters hier versammelt haben.

Даже и с деактивиран акаунт пак може да те изненадат с интересни новини със задна дата. :sad_but_cool:

Май не останаха вече некомпрометирани сайтове. 🙄

Could be great, but not by EA. At least Disney is making movies out of Star Wars. You can't blame them for that. EA though... credits, leveling up, battle points, daily crates, The Kings of Hamster Wheel Gaming.

Apparently, I had to disassemble, clean up a bit, then simply reassemble the mouse. And, funnily enough, it's working again. Good thing I have a place to brag about it.

Left mouse button malfunctioning for days now, almost every time I use it. Random right click, double click, and no click misfires (or all of the above simultaneously). Feels like having a stroke. Cannot find my wireless spare mouse. And yet, still not buying a new one :blobfacepalm:

How Ancient Greek Statues Really Looked: Research Reveals Their Bold, Bright Colors and Patterns

If you happen to see a stupid toot on my timeline: For the last year and a half, I was so busy trying to take a break from social media that I've totally missed on things such as this:

Историята на едно търговско предприятие, от А.П. Чехов (разказ)

Added "Apollo 13: Houston, We've Got a Problem" (1972), you can watch it here:

Official NASA documentary about the ill-fated mission to the moon, and how they managed to get the astronauts safely back to Earth.

#Apollo13 #Space #SpaceTravel #SpaceFlight #HumanSpaceFlight #Moon #NASA #Documentary

Forget Fahrenheit degrees, but also forget about Celsius degrees. If you plan on living on Mars and, in general, be a spacefaring species, start thinking in kelvins and carry the .15: Brrr, it's 276 K out there today. I already miss the warmth of the high 291's during the first third of March.

Писателят Велко Милоев за конкурса Агоп Мелконян. Речта е част от честването на 70 години от рождението на Агоп:

Anguish (1876-1878, August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck). From Wikipedia's Picture of the Year 2018 vote, round 2

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