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Hitman III is extremely good news for me because I'll finally be able to afford Hitman 2.

Plasma 5.19.0 coming down from the repos with all its Wayland goodness. Oh yeah baby! 😎

‘This is insane. Ninjas never show up in this story.’

* And, if possible, *rate*, because apparently the entry needs at least 10 regular-user ratings for it to be considered legit.

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I love the solver functionality of KPatience. In order to run the nightly build of KPatience, libfreecell-solver.dll must be downloaded from here:

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I *think* GOG uses IGDB when you add games manually. Jenkins has a Windows nightly build of so I added KPat to IGDB Please review, edit, and/or advise if I am missing something.

The city of Oslo, Norway, in a distant future.

Streets under sea level (left)
Streets above sea level (right)

I suck at writing in English. It's okay. I have given myself permission to suck at writing in English.

Q: When physicists finally understand the core of quantum physics, what do you think the theory will look like?

Roger Penrose: I think it will be beautiful.

Also, last night I finally found out about It's like Netflix but for François Truffaut and Federico Fellini fans. I am planning on a binging scheme of at least four movies monthly. A movie night a week so to speak. DM me if you want a 30-day trial invite.

At 32% of A Fire Upon the Deep. I am happy I stuck with this one. Made me remember why I am in love with science fiction.

please try to think harder before adding those to-do apps and those ticktacktoe apps to your portfolio, instead, start from a real problem you think you can solve. Or even something done before but you think you can do better. It's not about quantity.

The only game I've made in my life was a 16-bit side-scrolling racer. I don't even know where to start with something like that:

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5

I'd call this the "Nothing goes ever right" sale at GOG, with a tons of post-apocalyptic + civil war sim:

Couple of great games:
* Frostpunk
* Mutant Year Zero
* This War of Mine
* Stalker
* Wasteland 2

and others, all of course.

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