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I don't feel like tooting/tweeting on any of the hot topics of the current news cycle. This rat maze is getting tiresome.

It would be so much clearer and easier to remember when Series X or S becomes Xbox Series X2 or S2.

Yesterday, I found myself explaining under a video in YouTube that the Star Wars sequel trilogy isn't political but rather socially engaged, and at that, only by the viewer's perception (the plot of the trilogy has very little to do with social equality issues). I am not sure if I am right. It occurred to me that the US might be kind of in a mess because all across the board social problems are politicized: inequality, healthcare, welfare, possibly sexual orientation and freedom of expression.

It'd be the boldest move ever if CD Projekt uses the game to expand into some kind of Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation :hacker_o: :hacker_a: :hacker_s: :hacker_i: :hacker_s:

Cyberspace Is One Of Cyberpunk 2077’s Greatest Mysteries - Game Informer

I didn't expect to look so similar to and in its gameplay mechanics, but I am not disappointed. I am more concerned with the ill-targeted grind they might have in store. I wouldn't mind if it contributed to the immersion in the historical period. Being stuck into an actual, authentic problem and trying to solve it for days in meaningful ways would be much more enjoyable than cleaning up the chests of the umpteenth identical fortress.

Germany from A to Z: Görlitz. We are taking a tour through Germany and every week we will introduce you to a town in the alphabet. This time G takes us to Görlitz, the beauty on the river Neisse, a gem of European urban architecture

Similarly, the quite helpful Amazon support told me I cannot pay Amazon to remove the Special Offers from my Kindle because the Kindle has been bought in Germany, but I cannot use it with the German store, because I am not in Germany, so I can only use it with the international store, but the international store cannot remove the Special Offers bullshit because the Kindle was bought in Germany, so I should register my Kindle in the German store and remove the Special Offers crap from there.

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I very much doubt it that this bullshit will ever end. At least in my lifetime.

OMG "he condemned the anti-racism protesters"

Donald Trump orders creation of national heroes garden - BBC News

Q&A 123: What if a Supernova Exploded Beside a Black Hole? And More... - YouTube

My first novel is currently free to grab on Smashwords for their July Summer/Winter Sale. It's a *sale*, I know, but I thought, what the hell. It's a Chandleresque alternative history novel set in the 1957's, communist ruled Balkan landscape. The general consensus at Goodreads verges on 4 stars, and it won third place for SF novel of the year 4 or 5 years ago.

Tell your Bulgarian speaking friends, or save yourself $4:

Отдел „И“ – a book by Петър Тушков

'Weird Al' Yankovic: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert From The Archives - YouTube

Rewatching the . It's a highfalutin, wishful make-believe but at least it's saner than the real dumpster fire right now that nobody seems to know how to put out.

Totally into . Didn't expect it really, but there it is. There's not much in common with except that you'll know the names of the monster your are slaying. The graphical style is fantastic, and the difficulty and the enchantment systems make it actually fun to play even for the arcade experience.

I don't like the feeling I get when someone says something bigoted, even if their words or attitude don't affect me directly. It's like no one's in there, like I am talking to a dangerously malfunctioning machine, an empty shell, or like I am confronted by one of the laws of physics and only my abilities to reason as a human being could save me and my fellow humans from its effects, from evil, madness, or cruelty. I guess the feeling could work both ways, but for different reasons.

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