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*i get a cute girl who looks very similar to yuri nakamura named nanasumi itahare*

*pursuades and manipulates nanasumi to become bad..*

*gets nanasumi to harass takusiri nukotara, a 19 year old who looks like natsumi from date a live*

*walks to nukotara very very slowy, tiptoe-ing*

*gives a VERY psychotic look, glaring and smiling at takusiri*

me: feeling better?
nanasumi: need anything, takusiri?
me: time for your phlebotomy and blood samples!
*sluggs takusiri with two phlebotomy needles*

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tl;dr i got basically banned from (it was because i was racist and got carried away a bit with spam (mostly with anime girl pics, not necessarily deleting and re-drafting posts and toots). hopefully that wont happen again, though yo can never be too sure and you cant expect that from everyone, you know..

the gem/the la jolla of all exploits is DEFINITELY checkm8 without a DOUBT! and qwerty is working on a jailbreak THAT IS TETHERED for it though called checkra1n ( and for info and up-to-date progress)

another day, another ios release.... ios 13.1.3..... not that i care, since i use an iphone 6s plus. we got a bootrom exploit so we're covered :)

also, 4 years ago today, the pangu 9.0.2 jailbreak was released

and 4 years later (almost), there was a bootrom exploit released, and a jailbreak alongside being made called checkra1n by kjc gang and luca todesco (aka qwertyoruiopz)

god this year was pigshit
good lord. blackouts in my house ALL THE TIME with NO ELECTRICITY WHATSOEVER, i got a fraud iphone 7 plus with a broken cellular module, my dad is just an ass to me sometimes, my iphone 6s plus has issues on ios 11 with unc0ver on it, my (new) tire swing is half-assed installed on my tree in my backyard and i BARELY watched ANY ANIME thanks to noise, noise, NOISE outside my bedroom with my family irritating me half to death and i cant stand it. messy messy year!

who is cuter? kuroko shirai or kobato hasegawa?

you have 7 days to vote....

i dont think that mastodon has rolled out a feature to vote in polls like they do on their current site, eh? 🤔😶

ESPECIALLY when i have colorado/san diego pics to look at (mainly as a vacation idea)

i am not writing a tweak to enable the power button to take a screenshot either

i cant stand it when activator is disabled

how will i change my screenshot functionality if i wanna take a screenshot with just the power/side button?

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