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“Yeah Bob we turned Crab Catcher in La Jolla into a psycho asylum where the crazy psychos belong. You’re more than welcome. Take care and have a fantastic day.”

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*i get a cute girl who looks very similar to yuri nakamura named nanasumi itahare*

*pursuades and manipulates nanasumi to become bad..*

*gets nanasumi to harass takusiri nukotara, a 19 year old who looks like natsumi from date a live*

*walks to nukotara very very slowy, tiptoe-ing*

*gives a VERY psychotic look, glaring and smiling at takusiri*

me: feeling better?
nanasumi: need anything, takusiri?
me: time for your phlebotomy and blood samples!
*sluggs takusiri with two phlebotomy needles*

and i mainly stay online most of the time, despute frequent/rare(?) power outages (including most internet connection, even though my iphone’s hotspot can be activated using the tetherme jb tweak)

but yes the jailbreak “group of people” (just referred to as an “online community”… at LEAST) are elite and more sophisticated and worldly and complex than the city of kc WILL EVER BE. kc is not a good city, hence why it’s kind of an interum (or a “temporary”) place for me as of right now…

i’m part of a group of people who live in a WAY more elite type of city. kc is *NOT* an elite city. SF, LA, NYC *ARE ALL* elite cities. if i ever lived in any of those cities, i might have a *fair* time living there, despite how liberal they genuinely and really are. i still don’t care. kc is a disgrace imo. can’t even go outside and ride my xiaomi electric scooter whenever i really want to when i’ve been literally suffering in this jail of a house.

(sorry for the constant deletion/reposting. grammar and vocab, etc corrections. you understand)

and hell no, i probably won’t ever make a PAID tweak in a million years. there’s just too many infantile pirates in the jb community everywhere, mostly on the user-side of the community. it’s honestly sickening because, well, what if devs need that money from their tweaks to pay for home mortage, or even for rental fees in their house, or apartment they live in and develop tweaks within the comfort of their home/apartment, etc? thats just basic comon sense (just not to many jb users).

and albeit that sounds like it’s something that is considered “rare” for me to make new tweaks, let alone make new tweaks and release them to my repo, i can pretty much guarantee you it will be happening very soon.

going off the political stuff. anyway, i’ve been way too distant from tweak development due to family matters. i’ll return to that shortly and keep making and releasing tweaks.

and yes i am not a republican. i’d say that i’m either an independant politically, or perhaps i’m a moderate democrat or a pure democrat, just not way way too far left-wing. no matter what, i STILL give my extremely high respects and praise to trump and mainly no other genuine republican. i just have to - mostly because of his charm and his great personality.

so i guess my job is not gonna happen regardless. if a socialist like bernie or warren was president, i *might* have worked in silicon valley or lived in SF granted i had plenty of money as theyre extremely expensive to live in those types of areas in northern california.

@chasefromm19 like thats just the reality. and yes ios 11+ and other later firnwares were extremely tainted and flatout useless because of an economic collapse. same said collapse happened in hollywood, nyc, and washington dc as far as i know. for everywhere else in the whole country, however, it *is* working.

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i can’t stand my mom and dad pestering me to get a job despite the economic boom.

well years ago the economy was fine silicon valley, hollywood, nyc, and probably washindton dc had a good economy when ob*** was in office

but as far as i know of those may be gone (one of the reasons why ios 11+ firmware was so drastically shitty from ios 10 and below was probably because of the silicon valley economic “destruction” [nah, not really destruction, but i’ll leave it at that] due to trump probably)

I wish I could have lived before greed and luxury corrupted us all, before loneliness and unfamiliarity made us all miserable - when each of us knew and cared for each other very well, when we shared everything we discovered, when poverty did not exist, and when everything was boundless and exciting rather than a novelty.
Thank you for reading my blog post.

eh, so.... who wants to make a trump 2020 custom logo for checkra1n supported devices?

i guess i'll be using installer 5 from now on (which is an epic alternative to cydia, probably sileo and zebra) to use and manage jb packages :D

“Yeah Bob we turned Crab Catcher in La Jolla into a psycho asylum where the crazy psychos belong. You’re more than welcome. Take care and have a fantastic day.”

Inagine turning the Crab Catcher in La Jolla into a psychiatric mental hospital (like… wow)…

i'm berry the berry bug fuck n1gga gang takeover la jolla california bruh

ion wanna be in the crab catcher restaurant seafood is ass bro. fuck nigga why it look like a mental hospital in this bitch?

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