We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

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Good call. Thanks for being sane. Though I hope these political decisions will be kept at an absolute minimum.

@chebra all sounds very sensible to me, particularly the distinction between tools and platforms. I agree the app devs have the right to code their app however they see fit. I disagree with what #Tusky did, because it creates a precedent for the developers of other software that implements standard protocols to be pressured to build in political blocks for all sorts of reason, and dogpiled if they don't. Reading between the lines, it seems like that's already happened to #Fedilab.

@strypey @fdroidorg
Agreed, I don't agree with Tusky either. A hardcoded block is exactly why we have OSS and rickrolling is just childish. I'm merely giving them the benefit of the doubt and will drop them if they do something like that again. Gab is clearly the moral bad guy, but how we deal with bad guys is what defines us. Tusky chose to get down on their level and use their methods. Fedilab and F-Droid are trying to find a higher level of morality, navigating through the maze carefully.

@chebra @strypey @fdroidorg

I have to disagree. Gab is a platform that allows speech that is allowed under US law. Anything else would be morally bad.

@pathfinder1776 @strypey @fdroidorg

Yes. And therefore it is possible for Gab (and/or its users) to be violating morality while staying within US laws. Which is apparently the case here.

@chebra @strypey @fdroidorg
Potato - Potatoe. Cutting yourself off from Gab does what, keeps you 'pure'? Keeps a flock pure? You choose who to follow, so I dont see nazis or furries in my feed. ( I have yet to see Nazi Furries in All, in any case) I see this as a win-win.

I have plenty of conversations with people I disagree with. This is still a good thing because it gives me a different perspective. I am not sure how anyone thinks they are going to change minds if they hide in their own circle-jerk.


So why are you on gab if not to be inside the circle-jerk of your like-minded people? People who agree with your opinions, even support them, who would never tell you that your opinions are based on a lie... are you just hiding from the admins of other instances? Because you violated the other instances' rules by being biased against a certain group of people maybe?

@chebra I joined #Gab so I could follow people who got kicked off of twitter, so now I use both. Gab has all kinds of people (and is open to everyone), so you cant call it a circle jerk. Am I biased against certain groups? Absolutely. Soccer is not a real sport and speed chess is a sin. Other than that, I am a live and let live kind of guy.


You don't need to join gab instance to follow gab instance users. So why did you specifically join that instance?

@chebra I was on Gab before they joined the fediverse. Gab switched to the fediverse on July 4th. Before that it was a twitter clone. At this point I am on Gab more than twitter.


I mean, let me help you - the only thing that makes one fediverse instance different from another is what rules they impose on the instance users - so did you join gab because you wanted those rules and no other? You wanted to see other random people from gab in your local timeline, to interact with them more than with the people from other instances who follow other rules? Isn't that exactly what circle-jerk means?

@chebra I fully understand. Again, I joined gab when it was a twitter clone and not in the fediverse, so I could follow people kicked off twitter and who then went to gab.

Also, if I only wanted to see people I agree with, I wouldnt be reading \All and I wouldnt have found your posts. 😋


Yes you would - if your agenda was to spread the gab ideas further among other people, then that would clearly motivate you to respond to me and other opponents.

Why do you think those people you wanted to follow got kicked out of twitter? Was it because they broke some twitter rules? So you explicitly went to gab to hear from the people who were breaking the rules of the larger online community, yet you still don't see it as a circle-jerk?

@chebra Most of the interactions I have on \All is me liking dog/cat/nature pics. This inevitably leads me to following all kinds of people.

It is east to get kicked off of twitter for wrong think and twitter is not consistent with their 'rules' that they selectively enforce. Still, I follow all kinds on twitter just like I follow all kinds on gab/fediverse. In fact, I follow you now. 😎



> In fact, I follow you now.

And I bet you are also doing that because of my cat/dog/nature pictures, not at all because you want to be able to see what I say in the future, react to everything I say, because you would be spreading the Gab agenda by challenging my views, because I quite clearly expressed I'm a Gab opponent... right?

You are proving my point, buddy

@chebra I am following you because we disagree, and yet can have an intelligent conversation without it devolving to ad hominems.

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