We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

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Good call. Thanks for being sane. Though I hope these political decisions will be kept at an absolute minimum.

@chebra all sounds very sensible to me, particularly the distinction between tools and platforms. I agree the app devs have the right to code their app however they see fit. I disagree with what #Tusky did, because it creates a precedent for the developers of other software that implements standard protocols to be pressured to build in political blocks for all sorts of reason, and dogpiled if they don't. Reading between the lines, it seems like that's already happened to #Fedilab.

@strypey @fdroidorg
Agreed, I don't agree with Tusky either. A hardcoded block is exactly why we have OSS and rickrolling is just childish. I'm merely giving them the benefit of the doubt and will drop them if they do something like that again. Gab is clearly the moral bad guy, but how we deal with bad guys is what defines us. Tusky chose to get down on their level and use their methods. Fedilab and F-Droid are trying to find a higher level of morality, navigating through the maze carefully.

@chebra @strypey @fdroidorg

Everything everyone feels Gab is has existed on various Fediverse instances well before Gab though of forking Mastodon I've found worse than the worst of Gab on some instances
Not to mention the three large block lists I found last year for instance admins to use to block what is considered offensive, which ranges from prostitution, drug use, and human trafficking to what's labeled as Free Speech Zones


> has existed on various Fediverse

Yes, it has, and it has been forbidden by the rules and moderated by the admin. Unlike on Gab, and that's the problem. Feel free to report anything you find breaking the rules, admins are not gods, cannot read every toot.

and others allowed it long before Gab and still do
I'm saying there are admins running instances long before Gab that have and are allowing such
I'd rather the feature for users to ban all posts from an instance to be more accessible


But Gab comes to the Fediverse and the devs and half the users lose their goddamn minds
I guess the users and admins protected in their own little walled instances never saw what has been lurking in the dark all this time



I agree the hysteria was overblown and unnecessary, even gave more popularity to Gab and polarized the users. Especially admins blocking other instances for not blocking Gab was just stupid.

And the scale of the problem is just totally different. Before if there were instances allowing antisemitism and racism and whatnot, they were small, scattered and also routinely got blocked by others, at least those who noticed. But Gab came with fanfares, everybody noticed.

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