Procrastinating, I went on a search for some nonprofits or companies who are working on climate change and are looking for IT guys. They usually look only for lawyers, fundraisers or managers, but then... I found one:

The punishment for distribution, retweet or sharing of this image is 15 days in prison or a fine of 3,000 rubles ($53) in Russia.

I have no idea what I just ordered. I *think* it's vegetarian

I want all web opensource projects to be up and running this easy (yes, I'm looking at you too, Mastodon, I've been attempting to set it up for a couple of days now)

This needs to be more common - promoting reuse, not blindly banishing plastics. Let's not forget during our war on plastics that even a paper cup needs to be used three times to recover the energy and CO2 spent during it's creation, over one plastic cup. The problem is single use plastics, and lack of actual recycling - bottle to bottle.

Ok, this pushed me to uninstall also google Phone and Contacts. No more complaints from them.

hey google, is this why you secretly downloaded the updates even when my updates are disabled and my google play is not even linked to my account? This used to work without error before. I really don't want to give you my body sensor data and calendar every time I receive a phone call. Making the Call app crash is only gonna make me get a completely -ied phone


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