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LAPD/social media collection 

So… that LAPD story about them collecting social media handles…

Guess who that information gets fed to?

Did you guess?

Was it Palantir?

Because it’s Palantir.

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US has 11k covid deaths per week again, reaching the same numbers as April and May 2020. Did anyone even notice? Or did it just grow out of fashion?

@codewiz fun fact, leaving a job at google after many years is actually easier than leaving gmail, gdrive, analytics and android after many years.

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@rune solve it by a protocol. Say yes to 16, mark the time in your calendar as if it was sure, and then ignore the discussion until 15:45. If they postponed it, good. If they moved it to 15, their fault, you didn't agree to that.

The number of websites that break when localStorage is blocked, is too damn high!

Like all of the React websites automatically assume that localStorage is allowed, and completely crumble down otherwise. Even on a blog about google tracking and the evil cookies...

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Tadaa, a #pinenote showing its own schematics. It seems like the size of the pages of schematics is almost perfect for this.

What?! Did you find a way to fix it? This has been bugging me for weeks and I was just blaming DDG

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Our application is no longer avalaible on the Google Play Store. We are investigating. Sorry for the convenience.

The application is still available on F-droid:

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@rune Am I the only one who thinks Drew DeVault is a major douche?

Just pick the one with the most seeders, duh!

@codewiz Elon time used to be a mockery of overambitious deadlines and estimates... but it seems like we are now living in Elon time. Starhopper was just two years ago. SN5 150m hop was exactly one year ago. I remember they said something like "full starship in a year" but I read that as 5-10 years. Yet, here we are, I can't believe my eyes.

@Gargron @benoit

Sure, keep telling yourself that. It's a very effective way to dismiss everything I just said about the consistency and hypocrisy. So if you don't want to any feedback, just say "people will always be outraged about something..."

I know what I think about the situation now. It's funny because I actually came here to laugh at the ridiculous open letter and the resignation request.. but then I saw your response...

@Gargron @benoit

Now it's a problem because somebody finally noticed. It doesn't have anything to do with the timeline. If you really don't want casino sponsors, don't take them. Currently the actual facts are showing that you want casino sponsors ("Bills need to be paid") but are still telling yourself a lie.

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