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So the exact wording of the "security law" that China forced onto HK was revealed only after it passed. It includes this: outlawing four national security crimes: subversion, secession, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces. Now HK schools are being told to remove books that breach those 4 rules:

now, before it's too late.

"providers, across the spectrum of devices and information services, must design in the ability to decrypt data and provide it in intelligible form"

So yeah, get ready to evacuate your servers out of the US. And don't touch any Silicon Valley company. This is worse than EARN-IT. Worse than the Australian anti-encryption bill. If this passes, US will become overtly more invasive than Russia or China.

If Rust is the most loved programming language for 5 consecutive years, why is it so freaking hard to find any online courses for it?

Hey @parasurv , why are you boosting my post when you are clearly racist? GTFO

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Isn't it ironic that reddit speaks against racism but makes the next board chair available with skin color as the most important criteria?

I'm sick of racism. I'm sick of skin color being even considered when applying for job, or in education, health systems, police response... It's the attention to skin color that's the problem. You won't solve that by mandating the next board member to be black. It's part of the same problem.

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Yeah, ok. Keybase is deader than dead.

"So, our shortest-term directive is to significantly improve our security effectiveness, by working on a product that's that much bigger than Keybase. We can't be more specific than that, because we're just diving in."

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#2300 "Everyone's an Epidemiologist" 

If enough people uphill decide to try the rolling strategy, they can make the decision for you.

I feel like I should really start preparing for "the end of the world as we know it". This time for real. Hopefully watching all the post-apocalyptic movies taught me something.

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did a first test running Reform 2 from batteries with display on, medium brightness, all cores on, GPU in use by the compositor, low load, mPCIe WiFi active, NVMe SSD active (logging), keyboard backlight enabled, no powersave features in use: 292 minutes until safety switchoff.

so almost 5 hours. i believe this can be optimized with powersave strategies but i think it's quite ok already.

currently turns off if a cell reaches 2.6V. it could go a bit lower, but i don't think for much gain.

There is no better visual expression of the human stupidity under corona panic than a tourist renting motorbike, wearing face mask, elbow-bumping instead of shaking hands, while holding the motorbike key in his mouth...

This level of stupidity will one day make me become a serial killer.

How ironic, the emergency measures just forced me to leave my safe home and travel by plane to a big city. And might end up sending me to Europe where I will be automatically sent to quarantine, among all the other sick people. Bureaucracy has always caused me much more trouble than any virus

I'd really like to give Firefox a chance, I really would. But if version 72.0.2 doesn't let me copy the response body from the dev inspector, scrolling in that inspector window doesn't work and when I cancel a download it's still downloaded, I really can't, sorry.

This will be big. Solid state fast-charging non-flammable lithium battery from the same Nobel prize winner who invented lithium-ion batteries.

Damn. I just sent my first tip from Brave Rewards, and I have the same feeling like after my first bitcoin donation in F-Droid. It's so EASY! This is how I want to pay for everything. Just one click, done, no emails, no subscribe buttons, no ads, no saving of my credit card number, no risk of data leaks...
I don't do impulsive shopping, but apparently I started impulsively donating.

How about a little cancer with that healing bracelet? And a bunch of amazing physics and chemistry explanations:

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